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Created 2002
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2003
Followed Cordir

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

The figure before you wears a black cloak.
The hood covers his face from view.
Around the neck of the cloak is an onyx medallion
with a raven imbedded on it.
Scared forearms and hands are visible.
There seem to be serious whip scares on both arms.
Ravin is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hel [       Cl: 2       ] Ravin the Half-Elf                              10/05/2002
Hel [    Wa:10 Cl:11    ] Ravin:Wyrm: Keeper of the old gods :Fate        11/29/2002
Hel [    Cl:15 Wa:11    ] Ravin:Wyrm: Keeper of the old gods :Fate        12/23/2002
Hel [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ] Ravin**Wyrm** The Traveler **Fate**             04/01/2003
Hel [    Cl:17 Wa:15    ] Ravin**Wyrm* Humble Servant of Cordir *Fate**   08/07/2003

Character History:

Ravin was incarnated in this cycle of the wheel to preserve what he had so often in the past destroyed. As a child he felt no urge to work or apply himself to any of the trades available to the young adults of Nydia. In his late teens he found himself at the door of the cleric's guild wondering how he got there. Not knowing why he went inside.

Some years later he completed his training to serve the gods. Now his training lay outside the guild in the world of men. Wondering from city to town to village, searching, but never finding what he is seeking. This compulsion was strong and kept him moving. Until one day when the pull was so great it was impossible to resist. Ravin, not understanding why, stepped off into the vortex to surly die. The nightmares set upon him at once with a vengeance. With out hope, he accepted the fate the gods had set out for him.

The nightmares continued to feed on his last life energy and Ravin closed his eyes to embrace death. When death was upon him calm came over him. The screaming of the nightmares was gone and he was at peace. In his mind a soft gentle voice slipped in, the voice said, "Stand and follow me, you are safe now." The peace Ravin felt inside never subdued and he has never quit following Cordir.



  • Mosi was named Anathema for her deliberate mob killing and looting of Ravin.
  • Armicron got two of his three strikes towards Anathema status for attacks on Ravin.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/14/2002: Ravin was originally created as a Human mage, but decided he didn't like that incarnation.
10/11/2002: Ravin levels to Cl:7.
10/29/2002: Ravin levels to Cl:10.
11/03/2002: Ravin reached level 11 cleric and dual-classed to warrior.
11/12/2002: Ravin gains Wa:4\Cl:11.
11/16/2002: Ravin joins Fate under some unusual circumstances.
11/23/2002: Ravin gets a train when he ascends to Wa:9\Cl:11.
12/03/2002: To: All in the Realm / Today, Mosi, an unaligned individual, asked Ravin of Fate for company dealing with a mob. The mob conned as Death to Ravin, but Mosi assured him that they would be able to defeat the Ofcol Cityguard working together. When the battle ensued, Mosi deliberately did not assist in the combat. Ravin stood and fought, dying. Mosi took the corpse and logged off. Mosi tells you (in common), 'Lemme get that is worth anything to me out of it, then I might think about giving it to you'. Mosi tells you (in common), 'Now that I think of it, I like the corpse as it is...In my inventory'. This, to me, clearly confirms her intent to get Ravin killed. I post this as a warning to anyone in her level range that Mosi cannot be trusted. While we have no fjust, Fate has named her Anathema and Newbiekiller. - In service, Cordir, Lady of Fate.
12/18/2002: Cyris has a busy morning, leveling to Sh:13\Wa:15 and performing a CR for Ravin of Fate, when the smaller fellow dies in Sanguinna, slain by a Servant of Chaos.
12/06/2002: Ravin of Fate ascends to Cl:12\Wa:11.
12/07/2002: Ravin gains a Train when he ascends to Cl:13\Wa:11.
12/23/2002: Ravin gets his very first DISEMBOWL with a spiritual hammer.
12/27/2002: Ravin of Fate ascends to Wa:12\Cl:16.
12/29/2002: Quotables ### INFO: Ravin licks his... it is dinner time!!
01/09/2003: Noctus completes a several week long randoming quest for the Chosen. Ambrose takes first place, Linkin gets second, and Ravin gets third.
03/15/2003: Ravin of Fate ascends to Wa:15\Cl:16.
04/20/2003: Ravin of Fate dies in Landru's Keep, and his brother-in-faith Kenlo Bigberry performs a quick CR.

Player Information: