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Official Information

When a player uses the Sleep command, and the Fates align with circumstance, you may (rarely) have a Dream. Some very rare Dreams can have a tangible affect: a curse, a blessing, a gift from the gods...

Player-Supplied Information

  • Gwyrdain collects data in regards to dreams. You can add your information to his project by completing the TFC Dream Survey.
  • Several of the Dreams relate actual events or legendary persons in TFC history.
  • Half of the Dreams were written by Cordir - the remainder were largely entries in a Dream writing contest sponsored by Cordir in August, 2012. Entries were received from Troy, Aoide, Katrana, and Kirith.

Dream Content

Kennet's Quest

The slightly chilly air of the Tapestry slowly cools your thick minotaur frame as you rest there upon the dusky marble floor. You take a deep breath and relax, easing the weight of your armour off of your limbs. They are nearly all healed from your run-in with the billowing weeds, but still ache a bit. Perhaps next time I won't take that plunge into Jester's Keep, you think. But then, wisdom has never been your strong suit... Just as your eyes begin to close, you think you hear someone giggle. Your ears perk up, twitching for a better listen and your hand slides ever so slowly towards your scabbard... where it bumps into something soft that squeaks. A tiny sprite glowing with deep indigo light leaps from your weapon, scrambles up your arm, and, before you can react, jumps onto your head. She grasps one horn tightly and swings herself around so that her madly grinning face appears directly in front of your right eye.

'Sorry about that,' says a voice from the shadows. 'She enjoys running about now and again... Sitting still for hours on end isn't exactly her idea of fun.'

A shadow-clad figure steps forward, slipping his hood back.

'Plus I think she kind of likes you.' The sprite clambers up onto the top of your head and, by the feel of things, finds a comfortable spot to perch. The half-elf, grinning at the antics taking place, pulls a roll of ebon parchment from some dark spot near the west hearthfire.

'The Lady asked that I deliver this message to you. She agrees that you should have an amulet to aid your sight, but some things need be gathered for its creation.' He unrolls the parchment and begins to read...

You wake with a start holding a strange amulet in your hand."


  • Natilena was the designer of the dream code.
  • Sparhawk was the first player to have a Dream when the code went in. The newbie won a level 45 True Seeing. This was far outside the parameters Natilena had set, and it was quickly adjusted down to level 34.