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Race Continent Town Newbie Friendliness Rating
Human North Harper's Landing ?
Human North Midgaard ?
Human South Kuroth ?
Human Outland Frontier Rowengard ?
Dwarf North Dwarvenhold ?
Dwarf South Lineaoth Valley ?
Dwarf Outland Frontier Dhuvrad ?
Elf North Loth-Llorien ?
Elf North Malenest ?
Elf South Cillidellia ?
Gnome North Thistlerock ?
Gnome South Gla-Shorn's Realm ?
Gnome Outland Frontier Barbegazi Settlement ?
Half-Elf North Half-Elf Camp ?
Half-Elf South Safehaven ?
Half-Elf South Nydia ?
Half-Elf Outland Frontier Riverhold ?
Halfling North Hovelton ?
Halfling South EmDeeVille ?
Halfling Outland Frontier Braddlebury ?
Aarakocra North Aaracity ?
Aarakocra South Aran ?
Giant-Kin North Skor'lanis ?
Giant-Kin Maelmordian Seas The Isle ?
Minotaur South War'loov's Fortress ?
Minotaur Maelmordian Seas Mithas ?
Half-Ogre North Og ?
Half-Ogre South The Village of Skull Spire ?
Sahuagin Maelmordian Seas Tiren's Rock ?