Ozmo's Temple

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This temple is surpassingly spartan, obviously intended to get work done in a no-nonsense manner. Fine wood paneling adorns all four walls, polished to a shining finish. The smell of fine coffee fills the air, but the source of the aroma is indeterminate. The only major furnishings in the room are a large work desk, a single comfortable chair facing the desk, and a simple wooden chair on rolling casters lurking behind. The lighting is kept deliberately dim...shadows play on the walls, providing good cover for hidden observation.

(Red Aura) Ozmo's Work Desk sits here.

Holy Symbol: a thin, black holdout dagger
Long Desc: A thin, black holdout dagger lies here.

Look altar desk work
This heavy work desk fills the center of the room. From your side, you can't see them, but it seems obvious that it must have MANY drawers filled with important and rare items. The heavily scuffed work surface is covered with papers, scrolls, coins, sharp pointy objects, and even a couple of bloodstains. A small plaque on the front begs to be read.

Look North:
A small door with a cunningly disguised peephole and a knife-throwing target are the only objects noticeable along the north wall.

Look East:
The east wall is completely covered with obscure charts, graphs, and ledger sheets.

Look South:
An enormous mural spans the south wall, edge to edge, floor to ceiling. This is the only section of the office that isn't cloaked in shadow, the paint seeming to illuminate itself through some sort of magic.

Look West:
A large bookcase fills this wall. A number of titles stand out among the dust-covered tomes. Something tells you to stick to the recently- read books...there is a price to too much knowledge after all.

Look Up:
Simple ceiling, nothing particular to call to your attention. What more did you want?

Look Down:
Plain wooden floor, occasional scuff marks, ink stains, and streaks of old, dried blood. About what you'd expect of a business office.

Look chair chairs:
Both chairs appear to be well-made, hand-crafted by fine artisans, a joy to sit in.

Look comfortable:
This is a low, deep, padded chair...it looks very comfortable. It also looks like it would take work to get out of.

Look wooden:
This chair looks designed for easy exit. It's also set about 6 inches taller than the other chair for some reason...

Look papers scrolls charts graphs ledger sheets:
You can't even begin to understand the cryptic encoding methods used to detail the many involved operations of House Jhereg. And it is most likely best that it remain that way.

Look coins:
Various coins of the realm. Nothing worth writing home about.

Look sharp pointy objects:
Knives, daggers, shivs, picks, spikes, shuriken...the list goes on and on...one thing is for certain, they are not decorative!

Look blood stains bloodstains:
Well, this is a working office, and House Jhereg does what it takes to get the job done. Enough said.

Look door peephole:
The peephole is perfectly placed to be nearly invisible from the north side of the door, yet provide a wide-angled view of the hallway. The acoustics of the narrow hallway also provide adequate hearing of whatever transpires to the north, while the thickness of the door soundproofs this office perfectly.

Look target:
Wow...the bullseye is nearly whittled away, and there's no marks anywhere else on the entire target!

Look mural:
This huge, brightly-painted masterpiece details important events and people in Ozmo's life. Quests, treasures, battles, loves, allies, foes, mentors, students...everything is there, jumbled together surrealistically around a central theme: four strong figures, Oxide, Ginny, Kim, and Syla, each appearing to watch over the events portrayed.

Look oxide:
"First of my immortal teachers...wise in the way of evil fun, often brash in his actions. Despite being cast from the heavens, he shall always be remembered for the work he did."

Look Ginny:
"My second great teacher...Mistress of Darkness and intrigue. It was under her that I sharpened my skills of diplomacy and deceit, as if there is a difference."

Look Kim:
"Mistress of Vice. Through Kim I practiced the art of leadership, aiding her in the re-molding of a following. Her acceptance of my guidance was as much a gift as the aid she bestowed upon me."

Look Syla:
"Most playful of the immortals, I relearned what it is like to play and enjoy life with Syla. I'll never again forget the value of play, Syla. I promise."

Look plaque:
"Feel free to peruse my meager library. In fact, if you're interested at all in working for the House, consider it an initial requirement."

Look book books tome tomes library bookcase:
Many books fill the shelves of this ancient, oak monstrosity, but a particular few appear to be clean and well-read. LOOK <title> to read a given tome.

.HISTORY1 : ."A History of House Jhereg, part 1"
.HISTORY2 : ."A History of House Jhereg, part 2"
TRADITION : ."Traditions of House Jhereg"

. . LAWS : ."Laws and Decrees of House Jhereg"
. . HOUSE : ."Methods of House Jhereg"
. . LIFE : ."On Life and Liberty, by Ozmo, Master of House Jhereg"
. . NOTES : ."Some Notes on Happiness in Our House"
.NASHITE1 : ."Why I Follow Lord Nash, and Why You Should, Too, part 1"
.NASHITE2 : ."Why I Follow Lord Nash, and Why You should, Too, part 2"

Look history1
"A History of House Jhereg, part 1"
Scores of centuries ago, in times nearly lost to mortal memory, great and wise rulers decreed the formation of many guilds in which the people of all races could follow noble callings and learn skills to better serve their people and the world. Yet some preferred to remain on the fringe of society, living off of the work of their peers, plying the less than honorable trades of theft and spycraft, and offering access to goods and services normally forbidden by law or custom.
Unable to accept the illicit activities of these rogues, the Guilds actively sought out the scofflaws with intent to jail or execute them for their crimes. In response, the rogues banded together for mutual defense, and named themselves somewhat sarcastically House Jhereg after a carrion-eating reptile known for uncanny survival instincts and the ability to prosper among larger predators through stealth, guile, and bluff. All of these natural behaviors were embraced by the House, which began an offensive campaign from the shadows to protect their brethren.

Look history2
"A History of House Jhereg, part 2"
Guildmasters were found mysteriously dead in their sleep, mayors blackmailed, and temple coffers emptied by Jhereg professionals, and each time more of their comrades were persecuted, the greater the Jhereg response.
Eventually, acknowledging that to break House Jhereg would cost too dearly for all who opposed them, the Guilds and towns grudgingly accepted the Jhereg presence, as long as House activities were kept subdued and hidden from the public eye.
And over the years, the Guilds grew, as did the many peoples of our lands, and through that growth, focused their attentions on themselves and lost sight and memory of House Jhereg. Yet the Jhereg have maintained, living among the shadows, happily taking the forgotten crumbs of society and stealthily acquiring what they desire, unseen and unknown, as it should be.

Look tradition
"Traditions of House Jhereg"

  • Obey the House. Your leaders were chosen for a reason, by those whose task it is to watch over the House.
  • Improve the House. Profit and information are the lifeblood of the Jhereg - strive to bring them in.
  • Support the House. Your partners in the Jhereg are like your flesh and blood. Help each other in your endeavors to work and learn better. And never betray the House, or you will be cast aside.
  • Serve the House. As you give, so shall you get. If you desire favor from the Jhereg, you must earn it. Nothing comes free, but loyalty and ability are well-rewarded.

Look laws
"Laws and Decrees of House Jhereg"

  • We may steal, but we are not common thieves. Be careful plying your trade, and do not draw unwanted attention to yourself. Random theft is a surefire way to have your game ended.
  • Death is serious business. DO NOT kill except in defense of self without clearance from your superiors. Assassination requires reason and a fee, it is not to be taken lightly.
  • Debt and favor are a two-edged weapon. Strive to owe nothing to anyone lest you be hamstrung through your obligations, and work to have markers to call in on a moment's notice. If you owe, PAY, as soon as possible. If you are owed, take advantage of it. Milk the debt for all it's worth.
  • Do not take advantage of the innocent, it breeds negative press. There are enough fools and marks in the world who are willing to fill our coffers...let them be your source of enrichment.
  • ABOVE ALL: Nothing without a price. If you give something away, make sure the recipient remembers the favor. NEVER accept a gift without returning favor; there are always strings attached - avoid them.

Look House
"Methods of House Jhereg"
House Jhereg is comprised of two parts, each working together to further our aims.
The Right Hand concerns itself with primarily with the arts of theft and deceit, acquiring items and information for the betterment of the House, its members, and those who contract our services.
The Left Hand is comprised of wielders of magic, working to support the Right through the arcane arts, and selling the use of their talents to those able to afford their fees.

Our goal is to improve ourselves through commerce, in whatever form it may come in. Providing difficult to obtain goods and services that people desire, acquiring information for later use, and currying favor. All of these and more are tools of the Jhereg.

Look life
"On Life and Liberty, by Ozmo, Master of House Jhereg"
1. Be flexible in all you do. If you can't give, yield, or adapt, yer burnt. Adaptation is the key to survival.
2. Information = power = profit = happiness. Simple linear equation, no complications.
3. Think for yourself, schmuck! Self-sufficiency is important, you can't always count on help.
4. Do unto others as they've done unto you, unless they're much bigger, in which case, get someone else to do the dirty work. Cowardice is not as bad is it's made out to be. Survival beats death any time, no question about it.
5. Do what you want, for your own reasons. If you feel you are being "forced" to do something, either leave, or accept...you have the power of choice, nobody can take that from you. Just be ready to accept the pain that freedom of choice often brings.
6. PLAY, ENJOY, HAVE FUN! If you are not living life to the fullest, you are doing something wrong. Relax and revel while you can.

Look notes
"Some Notes on Happiness in Our House"
A few simple suggestions on what I consider to be the Jhereg Method.

-- Always be willing to talk through a situation. Avoid hostility in any form unless threats are absolutely necessary. And only threaten if you can back it up.
-- Know the rules and laws as best as you can. If someone crosses the line, quote the book at them. Stay as much in the right, even when you are doing "wrong", and it's amazing the power you will hold. -- Be slippery like the wind, and as ever-changing. Do NOT stick to the same methods, haunting the same areas, and resting in the same places. Stability brings destruction. Adapt, learn, and grow.
-- Respect those who deserve it, irregardless of aura. True power comes through excellence, knowledge, and patience, and all who possess those qualities should be admired, despite who they may be.
-- Be polite in all you do. It's amazing how much you can get done by remaining civil while everyone else is drawing weapons.
-- Finally: don't be afraid to run. Bravery is for the dead.

Look Nashite1
"Why I follow Lord Nash, and why you should, too, part 1"
Among the many teachings of Lord Nash, many truths can be found. Many people find different ways to glorify Lord Nash and improve themselves, and thus it should be...Lord Nash is in everything, and mortal limitations do not allow the embracing of every path.

To our House, the most important lesson of Lord Nash is his proof of the ability of a mortal to transcend all limitations and become a model of true perfection. This is a true revelation, and a gift for us to thank him for eternally.

The members of House Jhereg are thus charged to emulate the path of Lord Nash as a mortal and strive to perfect themselves in all they do. Accept failure only as a lesson of limitations to be defeated, and never surrender. Freedom lies in the purification of the self through excellence.

Look Nashite2
"Why I follow Lord Nash, and why you should, too, part 2"
You are not required to praise Lord Nash via public proclamations or in your title, although this is encouraged for the devout. Neither are you required to praise Lord Nash through death or rampage - this defies the spirit of our House and its reliance on stealth and control.

You are, however, expected to praise Him in your actions. Let all you do be a reflection of Lord Nash's perfection, and all your dealings aspire to such heights. Feel free to vocalize your praise if it feels natural, perhaps when sealing a deal with a customer: "May Lord Nash bring profit and satisfaction to us both."

And respect fellow Nashites in all you do, they walk the same path as us, though it may appear to differ in application.