Darkmoon's Temple

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As you step into the main room of the temple you feel the heavy presence of pure evil surrounding you. Everything in this room seems to have a dark purple glow. On the wall behind the alter you see an engraving of Darkmoon's Holy Symbol, a snakewhip curled around a lifeless victim. Below the symbol is a plaque that emits a dark light. The wall to your east contains the names of Mortals who have fulfilled Darkmoon's quests to destroy those who oppose her, while the dark pit of eternity off to the west contains the souls of those who have failed her.

(Red Aura) An altar made of pure Amethyst stands in the middle of the room.

Holy Symbol: the Holy Symbol of Darkness
Long Description: A miniature Whip of Domination is laying here.

Look Altar
An altar made of pure Amethyst stands in the middle of the room. The stone is engraved with thousands of pictures of strange and unusual tortures. As you look at each picture the pure evilness of Darkmoon's soul encircles you and you feel the pain of each torture being inflicted upon you.

Look North door
A black marble door stands in the wall, nearly invisible in the darkness.

Look East
Followers of the Darkness, these are the mortals that have brought forth my vision of total Chaos. They will be mentioned here for eternity.
Kim, The controller of Darkness, High Magi of Darkmoon.
Ginny, Anti-Paladin of Darkness, Warrioress of Darkmoon.
Badger, Bladeswinger of Darkness, Warrior of Darkmoon.
Zodiac, Master of Dark trades, High Chancellor of Darkmoon.
Jennifer, Grhhhhhhnt, Ogress of Darkmoon.
Samantha, Mistress of Deceit, Disciple of Darkmoon.
Rotgar, Master Thief, The Godless Evil
Gyd, Master of the Dark Fey

Look South
The wall is lined with varieties of whips from chains to mortal skin.

Look West
A picture of Darkmoon's beloved husband Sirak hangs here.

Look UP ceiling
A huge painting of Darkmoon slaying the Gold Dragon lines the ceiling

Look down floor
The floor is covered by a huge carpet that is woven to look like a coiled whip.

Look Symbol
A huge coiled Serpent Whip is sucking the soul out of a lifeless victim. As you look closer the victim seems to be the legendary Paladin of Justice.

Look Plaque
The Commandments of Darkmoon's True Evil
1. Pkilling: Is not necessary to be truly evil but is recommended
2. Grouping: Keeps evil strong not to mention alive
3. Selfishness: The key to True evil is to think of only yourself (save yourself before you die, Honor is a deadly virtue)
4. Thievery: Stealing is a basic part of Evil and will always prosper (Especially since Darkmoon was a thief as a mortal)
5. Killing of another follower: This will put you on Darkmoon's bad side, don't do it without her permission.
6. Torture: Torturing of other players whether physical or mental will put you on Darkmoon's nicer side, just as long as it is creative.

May the whips of Darkness
Entangle your prey, and
May you forever be Evil.

Look Pit
As you look into the pit you see the pained looks of hundreds of empty souls. Their ear-piercing screeches are from the eternal torture they must endure from the wrath of Darkmoon. One of them reaches for you, you feel an ice cold grip on your hand, but pull away before you fall into that same hellish eternity.