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Type (All)
Author Boromir
Installed 20 Feb 12
Location North Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

Copied from the Books of Mider, Volume 1, page 1.

Some of the writing has faded, other parts are smeared and blotted with what looks to be tears. I have written what I have been able to decipher.
Excerpt from the official City History:1st day, the Month of Building, Year 1

"... was a great party!! Everyone from the Duke on down to the youngest dwarf was in attendance! Food and drink and dancing and laughing and songs and stories to fill the whole world!! It was glorious!! We partied late into the night celebrating our last night on these shores and the start of the great Migration on the morrow.
Stupid Gnome watchkeeper!!! Claimed he tried to wake us but couldn't ..... All of the times to trust a gnome and they fail again!!!! Never Never Never ever trust a gnome! Couldn't wake us; yeah next time dont be drunk and pass out! Doubt he will be found again.
The despair that flooded our people; arriving at the dock only to find the ships had departed without us. To never feel the warmth of the smiles of the rest of our families now across the vast sea nor the shouts of our brothers in victory; truly devastating. The Duke bid us to light torches and bonfires to signal the few ships still faintly visible on the horizon but to no avail. Our best efforts came to nought and with it, the hopes for our people's journey across the seas to join our brethern. The Duke's shoulders slumped as he realized that having ceded our holdings in Dwarvenhold to the King and Queen and the parting words exchanged, there was no going back.The Duke and others stood staring out at the horizon long after the ships had disappeared. No words were said but no need, their expressions and demeanor making all too clear what they were thinking. The Duke straightened up and turned, facing his people with a determination and drive that has always been his trademark. He started speaking to his people, the dwarfs of his household and all others in the group standing on the shore. His voice easily carried over the sound of the waves hitting the shore and cries of the seabirds. I can not repeat his words here for like all other dwarves, I was so taken by his speech it was all I could do to write these few words to mark the moment.All that I have of the Duke's speech are the emotions driven by empassioned words lifting the spirits of his people and strengthening their resolve.

"..We will surivive this this calamity! No Dwarf has ever failed at what was their goal and we will not be the first. Our scouts have found a cavern, long buried and undisturbed which they have claimed in the name of Mider! And that will be ours, our City of Mider!! The scouts have reported finding traces of mithril and iron and signs of raw gems so we will be a true dwarven hold with wealth and mithril to keep us safe and powerful! We have no need of those fat gnome-like slugs living in the squalid remnants of the Citadel's outpost. We will make our city greater than that ever will be! .."

The shouts and cheers that greeted the Duke's speech shook the earth and rocked the dock on which the Duke stood. Once the cheering and shouts subsided, the Duke and his household hoisted their packs and left the dock. As one, the people turned and followed the Duke down the road to our new home, what is soon to be the City of Mider!
We have reached the entrance after a short journey and all looks dark within. The Duke and his party have torches lit and are descending into ...."

Copied from the Books of Mider, Volume 73, page 361.

Some of the writing has faded, other parts are smeared and blotted. I have written what I have been able to decipher.
Excerpt from the official City History: 6th day, the Month of reflections, Year 24
"... news came today of a city rising on the west bank of the river just west and north of our city. The news is not good for the builders have enslaved Giants to build their city. The slaves toil at their labor and many perish. Scouts reported seeing groups of slaves carrying the dead away to another part of the construction site. Scouts have also reported strange magics and flashes and bright lights within the city limits. The Duke (and I agree wholeheartedly) has decided to not risk any contact with the citizens of that city.So by decree, we will now keep the gates of Mider closed letting no light or sound escape forth lest we be discovered by them. The Duke has also decreed that guards will now roam the city as a night watch keeping the citizens save. Rumor has it that a few rebels have threatened the Duke and he seeks to curtail if not extinguish them. The Duke has increased the number of guards within the City and the mines since ....."

Copied from the Books of Mider, Volume 157, page 134.

Some of the writing has faded, other parts are smeared and blotted. I have written what I have been able to decipher.
Excerpt from the official City History:14th day, the Month of Arrival, Year 51
"...Today is the where I bring the end to my lifelong duty of recording the history of my City of Mider and the Duke. Over 51 years of digging and building and mining has brought us the greatest city in the world! The mines prosper and grow while trade has brought us wealth and happiness. Alas, I will not be remembering these things for our descendants any longer. It has been months in coming but it is time. My eyes struggle to see the page clearly even in the brightest light, my hands tremble and shake despite my efforts to qwell them. My assistant these last 5 years will be holding the quill and scribing the parchment with the news and events of my City. My liege, the Duke is relinguishing the throne to his eldest son tomorrow, day 15. And tomorrow is the first day of a new historian recording the last words of the Duke and the first words of the Duke here in Mider..... assistants name and he will do a fine job. I have cleared my office of what will be my memories for the years to follow. Yet these young fellows bring gifts and mementos from the past for me to also take with. I take all of these and I will have no place to live! A noisy, boisterous throng approaches my office and I wonder at the cause ... I should have known ... Friends and family have turned out for what looks to be a great party!!I must close with these final words...
The City, home of true dwarves everwhere!
My Liege, the Duke, true leader of all Dwarves!!

Copied from the Books of Mider, Volume 3515, page 587.

Some of the writing has faded, other parts are smeared and blotted. I have written what I have been able to decipher.
Excerpt from the official City History: 23rd day, the Month of Discovery, Year 1211
"...news from the north. That city has erupted in war! The slaves have risen in revolt and that city burns!! The Duke's scouts bring stories of enslaved giants breaking chains like little dwarves and their toys. Of slaves ripping asunder their former masters even as the city burns around them. The guard golems are outnumbered and overwhelmed. Its all they can do to hold their temple, much less save any of the populace. Reports of strange and strong magics booming and thundering over that city makes one wonder who or what will be left. The Duke has sent most of the City guards and his household troops north of the city in case the fighting and destruction spread across the river. Rumors have spread of a usurper organizing the rebels in a concerted effort to over throw the Duke. Agents of the Duke..."

Copied from the Books of Mider, Volume 3516, page 87.

Some of the writing has faded, other parts are smeared and blotted. I have written what I have been able to decipher.
Excerpt from the official City History: 29th day, the Month of Discovery, Year 1211...

"... news from the north. 6 days of revolt and rioting and burning have left that city destroyed! The surviving slaves have all but disappeared leaving behind ruins. Their cursed temple still stands but there is no one left to fill its halls or tend its gardens. Only a few of the guard golems remain behind to wander the city lost and confused.The Duke has pulled back most of the City guards and his household troops posted north of the city leaving a small group to watch and report. The City gates remain closed whether out of habit or concern. One hopes that the Gates will be re-opened one day to unshutter Mider and to forget those lost years.The Duchess has reported that she is expecting the Duke's first child, a Heir!!! The line going back to beyond the founding of this City remains unbroken!!! No due date has been set but the ...."
Provided by my hand and by the grace of my Liege, The Duke of Mider
Day 10, Month of Travelers, year 3789
Hninikilic, Historian

General Information/Trivia

  • The City of Mider is a place on TFC that can be best considered as a great reason to NOT party the night before a long trip. - Boromir

Player Provided Information

Player Zone Interaction

  • Upon installation, the location of Mider was first discovered by Lore, granting him entry into the TFC Explorers Society.


The area was updated in December, 2013. Changes were minor in nature and should be easy to identify. Minor Hint: being a mage isn't as important....


City of Mider: Map by Soloban