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This is the location for all to post ideas, pages, updates to pages and more to the TFC Wiki. Also note that there is a section within this page to also list any pages you are actively working on content for. The purpose for that is so that way people are not duplicating effort! Thank you all!

Specific To-Do List

  1. Review all pages about people and ensure appropriate categories have been added to their page, especially retired immortals. (Many of those pages were made before Cordir had a clue about categories!)
  2. Creation of a template for Info_Groups, and a general page layout to be used for mortal group/family pages. Cordir has a draft, it just aint workin!

In Progress

  1. Add "helps" for commands - Katrana
  2. Convert Threads of Time logs from old Cordir website to Wiki pages - Cordir
  3. Wiki-tize the Index :/ - Katrana
  4. Create a Glossary - Cordir needs additional contributors! I can't do this one alone!
  5. Create maps for all the zones - Soloban a few high-level areas, connectors, and maze zones remain
  6. On the Mobmastery List, create links to the area page for the area listed for each mob. in progress (Soloban)
  7. On the Areas page, create links to the maps for each zone.


  1. How about adding some other info on the spells or categories (like "Self Only Spells")? (Soloban)
  2. Help me complete the list of Dragons (Soloban)
  3. Paths for Guido and Merrick - Quest for someone? (Soloban)
  4. On the Mobmastery List, remove duplicates and change them to ranges (i.e. 35-39 a carrion crawler, Dismali Lighthouse)

General Projects

  1. Have a "People" page for all active players! (Creating a People Page on the Wiki)
  2. Have all active players add their historical information to following pages - ie, add themselves to the Membership area for each following they have belonged to.
  3. Continue to expand the Logs page, with posts of logs of all sorts, or links to content already on the TFC Time Line on the main TFC Website.
  4. Continue to 'fill in the blanks' of old following pages.
  5. Flesh out the Places pages (Building a Places Page), with player-provided info on areas, including mob notes, maps, directions, etc.
  6. Need to establish a template or style for command pages.