Building a Places Page

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If you would like to create a Places Page, please use this page as a guide for formatting.

Step 1: Click on the EDIT tab above.
Step 2: Copy the entire text of this page - some of it doesn't show up when you first view the page!
Step 3: Paste the entire text of this page into a blank word processing document, or Notepad file.
Step 4: Edit out these instructions, and remove the < nowiki > and
< /Nowiki >elements.
Step 5: Fill in the various fields.
Step 6: If you are going to upload a map, do so using the 'Upload File' selection in the Toolbox. Copy the file name, and insert it into the appropriate spot in the template.
Step 7: Go to the Places page, and Edit the page. Add the name of the area in the appropriate area, and use the double brackets on either side to make a page link: [[PlacesName]]
Step 8: Save the edit to the places page. The page you wish to create should now show as a link. Click on it.
Step 9: Paste in the info you've created using this template. Save your edit. You're done!

{{Info area |name = Area name. If not specified, uses page name |type = Type of area: racial city, connection, standard |for_race = For racial cities - which race is the city for? |author = Separate multiple authors with <br /> |install_date = Installation date |removal_date = Date area was removed |location = Northern Continent, Southern Continent, Outland Frontier, etc. }}

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information


IF you have uploaded a map or are referencing an already uploaded map:
[[File:(include map image name here)|200px|thumb|left|(include zone name here and author of the map)]]

Don't forget to include Categories. Applicable categories include: Places / EXP Zones / Connector / Racial Cities / Northern Continent / Southern Continent / Oceans/Islands / Special Aareas. A Category looks like this: {{Category:Places}} (remove the nowiki tags before using). For a full list of applicable Area categories, please visit Categories.