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Here are some of the words and phrases unique to mudding and to The Final Challenge: See also: Category:Glossary

A - C

  • Acceptance: The process of joining the following of an immortal takes two steps. 1) the mortal Worships the immortal. The Immortal Accepts the mortal. Warning: If you Worship an immortal without their permission, they have the ability to cast spells on you at that point, and may do so as an object lesson!
  • Act: A bard ability.
  • Adopt: The process of adopting a 'pet' on TFC. Pets are class-based, and must be fed!
  • Advertise: The command to take out a personal message in the newspaper.
  • Alignment: A descriptor for morality. On TFC, there are two primary alignments: Good and Evil, which is based on the immortal that the player choses to worship. Within each Alignment is also a secondary categorization, of Chaotic or Lawful.
  • Ambassador: The lowest rank of the Immortal pantheon.
  • Answer: A communication channel, usually used in conjunction with Question.
  • Areas: also known as zones. Individually written sections of the world of The Final Challenge. Each has their own challenges. Areas come in four types: Special Areas, Connector, EXP Zones, or Racial City. Areas differ in the level of character they were written for. The vast majority of areas on TFC are unique to this mud.
  • Armor class: also known as AC, indicates the amount of protection a given piece of equipment provides. A higher AC number indicates better protection. Note that for spells that affect AC, numbers below zero improve protection, which can be confusing to new players.
  • Attendant: The intermediate step of Immortality between Ambassador and Demigod/dess. An Attendant is assigned to a specific Follower Level Immortal to get hands on training in leading a following.
  • Auction: A communication channel used for selling and trading items.
  • Bard: A unique, triple-aspected class.
  • Become: A help file for those wishing to become an immortal on TFC.
  • BlissPoll: A series of polls, over several years, by a Retired Goddess, named Bliss. They oftentimes involved chocolate.
  • Blynd: An ability available to all classes, at varying levels.
  • Board: A 'followers-only' message list. Each Following has its own board.
  • Bots: slang for an series of programmed commands that take the place of a player at the keyboard directing the movements and actions of the character. Illegal on TFC.
  • Client: A program used to connect and interact with the MUD. May also refer to the user's hardware and operating system.

D - F

  • Debt (AKA: PK Debt): Debt is the 'weight' upon your soul for mis-deeds such as stealing, initiating combat and player-killing. Debt can vary from the temporary kind (for theft and an attack) to permanent (for player-killing). Debt can be Bribed at the Clerk in Mountain of Knowledge. See Also: PK
  • Evil: Only has an obligation to followers of the same Evil faith... and maybe not even then, if the god allows followers to harm each other. Evil from other faiths may or may not be trusted. Are the other Evil faiths plotting against you? Is your OWN faith plotting against you? Neutrals can be used for evil purposes. The Good are the foolish, and should be tricked, killed, stolen from and punished for their idiotic ideals. Giant-kin and rangers may become Evil, but due to their inherently good nature, they pay a price for such an action. Non-evil giant-kin and rangers, respectively, are automatically justified to attack (and kill) evil members of their group within the PK range) with no debt or even multi-kill penalties. Further, racist guards will not recognize evil giant-kin as true giant-kin. See also Alignment
  • Fanatic (Good only): Unjustly attacks or kills evil pacifists or reprisalists. See also PK Classification.
  • FLI: Follower Level Immortal. A Demigod or Demigoddess, or Lesser God or Lesser Goddess in the pantheon of TFC.

G - I

  • Golding: similar to randoming, Golding involves a player performing tasks to get gold. This usually involves either killing monsters or looting treasure.
  • Good: Will likely help any other Good, and may decide to help others if this aid supports their guiding beliefs. They will think long and hard before willingly consorting with Evils or helping Evil flourish, even if urged to do so by noble intentions, for most hold that the end does not justify the means. Ogre-kin may become Good, but due to their inherently evil nature, they pay a price for such an action. Non-good ogre-kin are automatically justified to attack (and kill) Good ogre-kin (within the PK range) with no debt or even multi-kill penalties, and racist guards will no longer recognize them as a true ogre-kin. See also Alignment

J - L

  • Linkdead: Connection between the MUD and client is lost without having safely Quit. The character is unattended until it is Voided or login is re-established. See also the command: Linkdead

M - O

P - R

  • Pacifist: Does not generally attack or kill others justly or unjustly, although they may or may not fight back when initially attacked. See also PK Classification.
  • PK Classification: Individual characters are classified into PK classifications, based on who they have attacked or killed RECENTLY. Thus, it is possible for someone who has killed a large number of people in the past to be a pacifist a few weeks later. There are 6 PK classifications: PACIFIST REPRISALIST VIGILANTE MISCREANT FANATIC SOCIOPATH. These classifications can also potentially have an impact on PK debt and other factors, as well.
  • Randoming: the task of killing a high volume of monsters, usually low level, in order to get randomly created magic items.
  • Reprisalist: Tends to take advantage of justifications from being attacked or killed. Does not generally attack or kill unjustly. See also PK Classification.

S - U

  • Sociopath: Unjustly attacks or kills anyone. The difference between a sociopath and a miscreant is volume. See also PK Classification.

V - X

  • Vigilantes: Commits unjustified attacks or kills, but generally only against vigilantes, miscreants, fanatics, or sociopaths. See also PK Classification.
  • Voided: Due to inactivity (no commands received from the client), character is removed from play and held 'in limbo' until a command is received or the session is disconnected. Players in the room will see the character disappear, e.g. 'John disappears into the void.'

Y - Z