Creating a People Page on the Wiki

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So you are visiting the wiki for the first time and aren't sure how to get started? Here are some hints:

First thing to be aware of: Your User page is different than your People page. Your User page is information about YOU as an individual. Your People page is for your TFC character.

To create a People page:

  1. Open the People page on the Wiki.
  2. Click the EDIT tab at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the letter of the alphabet that your name begins with.
  4. Type in your name, in alphabetical order in relation to the other entries for that letter. On either side of your name, put double brackets: [[ and ]]. Example: [[Bob]]. The brackets create a 'placeholder' on the wiki, named "Bob" in our example.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the SAVE PAGE button.
  6. Now you will be looking at the People Page. Your name will appear in red. This shows that it's a created link (Placeholder), but that there isn't any content there yet. Click on your name, to open it into a new editing window.
  7. Open a NEW instance or window of your web browser, and navigate to this page: [1]. This will open the wiki template page, Info PC. Tynian has created this template to make it easier on you to load in your information.
  8. Using your mouse, select the blank Info PC template, and use the right mouse button to COPY the text (or use Control+C on your keyboard).
  9. Go back to the edit screen on your wiki page, in the other browser window. Use the right mouse button to PASTE the text (or use Control+V on your keyboard).
  10. Fill in the fields of the template as best you can. If you don't know the information, or it is not applicable to you (such as immortal promotion date) leave it blank.

Don't forget to take a look at the People Page for others, to get more ideas on things to include. :)

And as always, if you need help, ask!

Additional Notes:

  • For "Status": There are two categories that designate a character not being played currently. "Inactive" is for mortal characters not currently in play. "Retired" is a specific designation for Immortals who have retired in good standing.
  • Don't forget to add applicable Categories!
  • You can add your personal memories about a character by using the NOTES template.