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Created September 27, 2000
Restored: June 9, 2011
Status Active
Retired November 24, 2003
Race Half-Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen June 05, 2011
Followed Robert

  • Please Note: Due to changes in code, the name 'WHOZ' (an abbreviation for the WHOZONE command) was not allowable. The character has received a name change to Whooz after verification of identity and was restored on 06/09/11.

Mud Contributions:

WHOZ was the sole individual to complete Cordir's Great Race (version 1), finishing in slightly over 4 hours on 04/06/2003.

Cordir gossips, 'Congratulations to WHOZ, who just completed The Great Race!'.

Dakkon gossips (in common), 'gratz :)'.

Ihsahn gossips (in elven), 'Gratz Whoz!'.

Katrana gossips, 'GRATZ!'.

Mordith gossips (in common), 'what race'.

Grale gossips (in common), 'What race?'.

Triston gossips, 'Great'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'yeah whats the great race?'.

Cordir gossips, 'Frankly, I was starting to think no one would finish it! And I challenge anyone who wants to give it a try...'.

Wunk gossips (in common), 'gratz'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'gratz on that something whoz'.

You gossip, 'Anyone want to give it a shot? ITs a test of mud knowledge and speed.'.

Whoz gossips (in common), 'Thanks all... 4 hours later than planned I gotta head for bed.'.
Whoz gossips (in common), 'I don't imagine a set a challenging time.'.
You gossip, 'You FINISHED. the four other competitors today didn't.'.

Ephiny gossips (in common), 'G'night Whoz, and Congratulations!'.

You tell Whoz, 'remember, no sharing info about it'.

Whoz tells you (in common), 'You have my word'.
Whoz tells you (in common), 'I wouldn't want to spoil it for others'.

You tell Whoz, ':-)'.

Whoz tells you (in common), 'It is beautifully crafted... kept me rapt'.
Whoz tells you (in common), 'Must leave now... *bow*'.

Current Description: June 20, 2011

Tall and slender, but not as sylph-like as many of his kind, the half-elf
before you looks more human than elf.  He carries himself, though, with the
poise and grace of the ageless ones.  Piercing green eyes that miss nothing
are set within a pale-skinned, deeply-lined face - lines that suggest a
readiness to smile, but speak also of hurt and pain.

He is attired head-to-foot in dark leather, bearing the marks of many
battles, both physical and magical.  A dark cloak lays across his broad
shoulders and a cowl conceals much of his face.  Although his armour is
clearly travel-worn, each tear is neatly repaired, each cut patched and
reinforced.  Intricate rings adorn the ring finger of each hand, and an
understated yet clearly precious amulet encircles his neck, partly hidden
amongst the folds of his clothing.  In his hand he carries a lethal
sword, its blade dulled, not through neglect, but deliberately so as to
prevent detection.  A subtle magic arcs and rolls from hilt to tip, as if
alive to his touch.

Whooz leads a charmed life.
Whooz is in perfect health. 

Whooz is using:
<used as light>     (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) the burnished carnelian ring
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) the delicate topaz ring
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the simple adamantite amulet
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Health
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a heavy cloth short shirt
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth cap
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth pantaloons
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth slippers
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of leather gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of leather sleeves
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) the Crest of Cormac
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a black leather swordsman's belt
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a black diamond bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the blazing gold bracelet
<wielded>           (Powerful magic) a finely crafted rapier
<held>              a sliver of Ehdawuin bark suspended from silver thread
<worn with pride>   the Ebon Sigil Odegra
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth

Previous Description: April 10, 2003

You see nothing special about him.
Whoz has a special twinkle in his eye.
Whoz is in perfect health.

Whoz is using:
<used as light>    (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a spinning blue spindle           svs(-4) ac(-2)
<worn on finger>   (Cherished) a mithril signet ring bearing an ornate 'R'      dmg(5) hr(6)
<worn on finger>   (Artifact magic) Whoz's Ring of Mobmastery                   dmg(5) hr(6)
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a spiked collar                             dmg(3) ac(-2)
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a heavy, travelworn black wool cloak        hth(32)
<worn on body>     (Red Aura) (Potent magic) the bind to a vampire              AC6 dmg(5)
<worn on head>     (Potent magic) an elven chain coif                           AC11 svs(-1) hp(25)
<worn on legs>     (Potent magic) a pair of heavy cloth breeches                AC7 str(5)
<worn on feet>     (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth slippers            AC5 svs(-3) dex(1)
<worn on hands>    (Potent magic) a pair of black leather swordsman's gauntlets AC6 svs(-5) str(1)
<worn on arms>     (Moderate magic) a pair of studded leather sleeves           AC6 dmg(3)
<worn about body>  (Moderate magic) an ornately runed, back-slung sword harness AC10 dmg(3)
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth belt                        AC4 dmg(5)
<worn around wrist>(Moderate magic) a studded leather wrist guard               AC6 dmg(3)
<worn around wrist>(Moderate magic) a studded leather wrist guard               AC6 dmg(3)
<wielded>          (Potent magic) (Heathen) Thranerin, the night-slayer rapier  [Not telling]
<held>             (Potent magic) a blackened pipe                              svs(-5)
<worn with pride>  (Weak magic) (Humming) a small gold pentagram                dmg(2)
<worn with pride>  (Moderate magic) a gem-encrusted brooch of woven rings       svs(-3) dex(2)

WHO Lists:

Hel [       Ma: 8       ] Whoz the Lonely Half-Elf                            10/14/2000
Hel [ Wa:12 Th:11 Ma:14 ] Whoz onE, WaMaThing of Unity                         02/10/2001
Hel [ Wa:27 Th:23 Ma:27 ] Whoz'onE                                  [Unity]    08/11/2001
Hel [ Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                                  [Unity]    10/01/2001
Hel [ Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                                  [Unity]    12/30/2001
Hel [ Th:27 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                                  [Unity]    01/25/2002
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                        [Unity]              04/08/2002
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                    [Unity]                  07/06/2002
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                       [Vain][Unity][104]    12/22/2002
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE                       [Vain][Unity][104]    01/19/2003
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE completed the Great Race         [Unity]    04/11/2003
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Whoz'onE now has direction                [Unity]    09/29/2003

Character History:

Justification List: April 6, 2003:

who just
You (90) attacked by Kel (44) on Sun Apr 06 03 16:55:19.
You (86) killed by Wistom (63) on Mon Dec 31 01 02:05:29.
You (77) killed by Ibram (75) on Mon Aug 20 01 04:33:59.
You (36) killed by Kandrell (90) on Thu Dec 21 00 05:35:31.
You (37) killed by Qithlorien (87) on Sun Jan 14 01 13:56:25.
You (83) killed by Valo (71) on Tue Oct 02 01 01:09:35.


  • Whoz was included in the 2002 Bliss Poll, with votes for Most Powerful Mortal, Most Helpful Mortal, and Scariest Mortal.
  • Whoz took part in a August 2002 quest run by Cordir, and as part of Team Unity, took second place.
  • Whoz was named in the retirement note of Gytar.
  • Whoz submitted an entry for the Top 10 Reasons.
  • When discussing the prize to be given to Whoz for completing The Great Race with Cordir, who had gotten authorization for No Drop, +1 Damage to be added to the winner’s weapon, Khore responded, Sheesh, that weapon is already so powerful as to be insane. Buy him a lapdance or something.’


Because Robert hated to do restrings, all of the restrings Whoz had, were written by Cordir.or Quest prizes from God+:

a mithril band, inscribed 'Vengeance'

<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a mithril band, inscribed 'Vengeance
long description: A barely-perceptible, pulsing aura surrounds this thick mithril band.
At first glance this ring appears to simply be a thick, plain mithril band.
However, looking more closely, myriad letters seem to appear and disappear all
over it's surface, forming words in many strange and ancient scripts. At last
you see one that you recognize and the word you see fills you with dread: 'Vengeance'.

a heavy travelworn black wool cloak

<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a heavy travelworn black wool cloak
Long Description: Mud and brambles stain the hem of this heavy cloak made of fine black wool.

Look Cloak:
Barely visible beneath the mud and brambles gathered from long
hours spent travelling the wilderness, the hem of this lovely
black wool cloak has been worked in a pattern of interwoven
rings. They are subtly worked in a deep blue color that is not
easily seen against the black background.

a pair of black leather swordsman's gauntlets

<worn on hands> (Potent magic) a pair of black leather swordsman's gauntlets
Long Desctiption: These gauntlets have the reinforced palm and flared cuff needed by swordsmen.

Look Gauntlets:
With a wide cuff to protect full sleeved garments, and a thickly
reinforced palm, these gloves were designed to serve as protection
for the hands of a swordsman. Made of supple yet strong leather,
they have been decorated with a narrow line of embroidery using
bright gold thread and tiny gemstones.

an ebon spider from the Lady's web

<Worn as Light> (Aglow) an ebon spider from the Lady's web Long Description: This small ebon spider blinks all eight eyes and looks for the Lady's friend.

LOOK keywords:

Keywords: Ebon Spider
Extras: Ebon Spider | Prize

LOOK prize:

Given as a prize for winning The Great Race, at 5am on Searynx the 11th, 
the month of the Deities' Wrath, in the year 2587.
The system time is Thu Apr 10 18:04:11 2003

LOOK ebon spider:

It is difficult to tell if this is a natural or unnatural creature, as there are
are many things about it that not 'normal' for its kind: foremost being its size.
Nearly a hand-span in width, it has long, chitinous legs that end in small barbs.
A bright crimson hourglass is visible upon its belly, and this easily recognized
symbol glows with a dull ruby-colored light. Its eyes bear a jewel-like facetted
brilliance, each a tiny crimson orb. It blinks slowly, and bares its tiny little
fangs in what you can only assume is a smile or grin of sorts. Dipping slightly,
it appears to bow.

It says softly (in ancient Thoras), 'I serve the Lady by lighting the way for one
She names as valued friend.'

Thranerin, the night-slayer rapier

<wielded> (Potent magic) (Heathen) Thranerin, the night-slayer rapier
Long Description: Forged by the smiths of the Old World, Khore acquired this great weapon on one of his travels and gave it as a gift to Whoz.
Damage is 13 to 20 (average 16). This item resists your further efforts to identify.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:


07/03/2001: Whoz'onE of Unity levels Mage to 26 and Warrior to 25 (Wa:25 Th:23 Ma:26). In the process, he mistypes shOrt (sword) and accidentally sacrifices his beloved ac6 2dmg -2svs shIrt (Doh!).
08/22/2001: Whoz leveled twice today, Warrior to 28 and Mage to 28 (Ma:28 Th:23 Wa:27) Cordir holds an impromptu trivia contest was held - with over 75 questions asked. When all was said and done, here's how folks did: LeiLani - the winner with 15 points.Gup & Raile = 9 1/2 points each, Thingone = 6 points ( more, if he had answered on the right channel), Jaerith = 5, Kudican = 4, Legolas, Belsambar, Whoz, = 3, Rath, Scorpio = 2, Ephiny, Aslan, Eddy = 1. Thanks to all who participated!
09/02/2001: Hitoriga attempted travel through the Vortex, and blinded and assaulted by the Nightmares, quaffed recall, and bad recalled landing right into Vrok territory. Again he attempted the Vortex, only to land in a room where all he could see was Scairz as the demon attacked. Lins, Bubba, and Whoz all assisted in the corpse rescue
09/07/2001: Whoz slays an elven mage for level 27 ( Ra:27/Ma:25 and reaches Wa:30\Th:23\Ma:28.
09/28/2001: Whoz changes classes many times as part of a test, promoting people to wonder what's going on on gossip.
10/05/2001: Whoz made MM48 (the Ancient) and reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 ("long overdue") simultaneously.
12/16/2001: Wardon dies in the Gas Filled Tunnels killed by an Ancient Green Dragon, and Thingone, Vex and Whoz complete the CR.
12/19/2001: Whoz kills a zombie guard for MM#58.
12/20/2001: Whoz made MM59 - Unwro.
12/23/2001: With 1800xp tnl, Whoz kills 9 mobs to reach Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30, scoring 200xp per mob.
12/25/2001: Whoz completes mobmaster 65 (a fire elemental).


04/09/2002: WHOZ LEVELS TO 50TH!!
04/23/2002: Whoz slays the Triton War Captain for MM#89 after "about 30 failed attempts for that MM level".
04/24/2002: Whoz completes MM#90 – Amirth - and #91 - the Divine Thief.
05/10/2002: Whoz's son in RL is born – a handsome little boy named Rohan.
05/13/2002: Luke dies in The Nest and his corpse is rescued by Whoz.
05/16/2002: Whoz completes MM#92 - Jair the Librarian.
5/20/02: Whoz suggests a new use for Ordained Mortals...
05/21/2002: Whoz slays the Kraken for MM#95.
05/23/2002: Whoz completes MM#97 - the Magistrate and #98 - Captain Niall.
05/25/2002: Whoz slays the Magistrate for MM#100 and the Clerk for #101.
05/26/2002: Whoz slays the Clerk for MM#102.
05/27/2002: Cordir runs a 21 item, 60 minute scavenger hunt. Whoz takes first place, winning a restring. It's Borlan-slaying day, as Whoz completes mobmasters 103 & 104, to tie for 1st place in the mmranks.
06/09/2002: Belsamber dies twice to the dark horrifying essence, but the third time is the charm when Whoz assists with the CR.
06/16/2002: Whoz holds an unsuccessful auction.
07/27/2002: Tynian holds a auction of +1 stat point to any piece of equipment that has less than +5 in enchantments on them, which Rath buys for 1.3 million gold, charisma to 18 or +3 to charisma, whichever less... sold for 60k to Zip, a 20 mana shield to silvanus for 20k, +5 hps to Whoz for 120k, and lowering Vex's str by 1 to Tien for 15k.
10/20/2002: Cordir holds a difficult mud knowledge quest, and Whoz is the winner (with 36 out of 50 correct). Gytar came in 2nd with 28, and Natilena 3rd with 16.
10/31/2002: Whoz gets fashion conscious. 11/02/2002: Whoz gossips (in common), 'I found that I'd spent 15 mins afk sleeping 1 room from the safe room I thought I was in'.
11/05/2002: Twelf reports, 'after a weally weally stupid death to golem in laundry's keep Whoz beat all the others in the race to my corpse.' (He also completed MM#23 - the draconian.)
12/09/2002: Whoz asks for advice on picking his room service delivery. Recommendations are chicken and dwarf, and the Fajita Chicken Panini is recommended by Lorax and eventually ordered. (No reports on how the service or taste was.)
12/26/2002: Whoz becomes a Vigilante.


01/18/2003: Markoon fell into a 1 HP room, and was promptly eaten by the Green Dragon. A CR attempt was made by Anduin, Tassadar and Whoz, during which Whoz also died. All corpses were eventually recovered.
02/22/2003: The Dutch GT is held in Amsterdam, with Adso, Whoz, Gytar, Robert, Saruman, Pitt, Tiax, Riella, Rhys, Lins, Lanfear & Azeworai (via phone) attending.
03/04/2003: Flynn reports that he died in the Vortex, and Whoz performed the CR, "Which was a kind act considering I am in Mayhem..."
04/10/2003: Whoz completes mobmaster 105 (Avangeline). Cordir announces that Whoz was the only person to complete the "Great Race" quest that she ran, and that he spent many many hours on it.
11/24/2003: Whoz posts a retirement note.
11/30/2003: Gytar posts a note in response to Whoz's retirement.


06/09/11: Whoz is restored and receives a name change to Whooz to avoid code conflict.

Player Information:

Whoz was from England, NOT the Netherlands as previously reported!
In his retirement note, he revealed his other characters:
Kerson, Avenger of Unity
Korsk, Protector of Unity
Phil, White Knight of Unity
Bergsten of Unity
Mauler of Unity
Demoth, the Loner Ranger
Nutter the Madgnome
Cleon of the Chosen of Fate