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The Nightblades
Led By Whitehawk
Created Oct 26, 2001
Alignment Evil
Temple Dojo of the Nightblades

  • Whitehawk had three separate following concepts: The first was Kodachi's Spirit. The second was The Nightblades, which he created after returning from Retirement. The third was the Hawk's Spirit. The Nightblades lasted from at least November 19, 2001 through March 29, 2002.

Hum [      Demigod      ] Whitehawk Skylore, Lord of the Nightblades. *Aoife* 

Following Description / FINFO:

January 22, 2002
Whitehawk, leader of the Nightblades, Demipower of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Brief following description:
Outside combat, these followers appear no different to any other,
within combat, however, thier animal spirits' instincts take over.



Partial List:

Min [    Sh: 5 Wa:12    ] Baal,      *Nightblade* 
Hum [ Ra: 5 Sh: 9 ] Illika.. The little Nightblade
Hum [ Ra: 7 Ma:15 ] Isitititis. --+ Nattblad +-- *Draven*
Hum [ Ra:15 ] Odysseus Nightblade slave
Gno [ Cl:12 ] Elektra Oksana-Nhaya, Dunestripe's Nightblade
Hum [ Ra: 8 Ma:10 ] Irwin The Desert Fox of Nightblade
Hum [ Ma:13 ] Proven.
Hum [ Ma:11 ] Dunestripe, Nightblade Heron, Powered By Elektra
Hel [ Th:24 Wa:29 Ma:26 ] BelGarion spirit of the Silver Wolf *CoL*
Hum [ Ma:16 Ra:20 Th:20 ] Galatea Chaotic Cute Spirit of The Psycho Squirrel

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes