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Led By Pyros
Alignment Evil
Attendants Masher
Ordained Mortals Inferno
  • FIRE was the first following to have an Attendant.

Following Description or FINFO


(Per the Fire website, date unknown)
Alsor, Aries, Azal, Bledsoe, Bunch, Caiaphas, Conrad, Dominex, Elinwen, Fhayd, Fredo, Fredus, Gravoc, Guinevere, Hastur, Helati, Inferno, Jahna, Javelin, Jered, Leer, Macros, Magius, Nevik, Nyghtmare, OldWolf, Palin D'enoke, Penelope, Poacher, Ravenloft, Risa, Rubicant, Salvor, Scorpio, ShadowClaw, SilverFang, Smitly, Stang, Susan, Syltar, Tavi, Terran, Thanatos, Therin, Tumblety, Ultima, Valas

Rules & Expectations

(Per the Fire website, date unknown)
1. I expect my followers to be able to think and act rationally. I look for intelligent, mature, responsible people who enjoy playing the mud over ruining it for others.
2. I want my followers to develop some niche or personality for their character to make them more interesting. Find a role and play it.
3. I don't want any PK-crazed followers. I allow Player Killing, but only with a decent reason and a clever plan to do it right.
4. I require all would-be followers to find a sponsor. A sponsor can be of any alignment but needs to be someone who can reassure me that the person sponsored is competent and worthy.

We are allied with Khore's following (Kindred). We are evil but not mindlessly so. I want my followers to look out for their own personal gain first as long as it doesn't conflict with my rules. My followers must show the ability to learn from their mistakes as I do not appreciate repeated failures.

Additional Notes