Bumblefoot's Burrow

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The interior of this impressive structure has mysteriously become a simple halfling burrow. Comfortable chairs are placed around a glowing hearth. Fresh flowers and fruits are on a table by a window that is constantly bathed in morning light, regardless of the time of day. Rows and rows of books line the walls and are stacked in corners. A teaset rests on a table and there is steam rising from the pot, inviting you to relax and enjoy a respite from your journeys. There is the vague lingering scent of pipe tobacco and between the chairs you see a large pipestand bristling with pipes of many peoples, some labeled with names, some waiting to bear the names of soon to be famous adventurers. Along the mantle, there is a row of steins and they too are adorned with various names. There is a row of pegs near the door where one might lay burdens and cloaks down from a long journey and relax in this domestic setting.

(Blue Aura) On a tablestand before you is a large, ornate book.

Holy Symbol: The Prophet's Blessing
Long Description: A mysterious symbol lies here.

Look Book
. The Precepts of the Prophet
A Short Introduction to Revelation
1. Embrace all that is that you should become all you are capable of being.
Be tolerant of other people and their beliefs. Do not be critical of others, rather encourage all to embrace life and its Mystery. Seek the revelation of Mystery, pursue understanding. Never allow your emotions to become so clouded that you become intolerant.
2. In embracing all that is, you will discern that there is a Mystery to life. Embrace the Mystery.
Learn from the ways of all. Improve your skills. Recognize your limitations. Maximize your potential. Yet, understand that all such things have limits.
3. Every follower will be expected to spend a portion of his time and skills in the betterment of our world in general and our following in particular.
Do not cease to grow and increase, but spend some of your time each day doing acts which benefit the world and which reflect well on our following. The betterment of the world includes helping younger players, healing the sick and bringing a sense of fun and enjoyment to others lives.
4. Remember that in all that you say and do, you represent the Prophet and his people.
Do not bring dishonor to your allies or to your leader. Tell the Prophet if others in the following act in ways inconsistent with our purpose. You may defend yourself and other followers if attacked, but you are not allowed to initiate any aggressive behavior that the Prophet himself has not authorized.
5. In joining this fellowship, you must place your relationship to the Prophet and his people before profit, equipment and all other considerations .. even life itself.
Death is a Mystery that should be avoided but never feared. Do not become too attached to equipment, it comes and goes. Do not profit from the need of another follower. Freely give within the fellowship that in time of need, you will be rewarded. Above all things, be loyal to the Prophet and each other.

Look North Hearth:
A hearth dominates this wall and invites you to relax by it. An embroidered picture of the township of Hovelton hangs above the mantle laden with steins.

Look East Bookshelf:
Tucked in the bookshelf on this wall is a small shrine to the Prophet's former patron, the Lady Nalya. A fuzzy pink, bunny slipper rests in the shrine. Look South Door:
The door out of this comfortable place is here, reminding you that at some point you must leave. You turn away, hoping to avoid leaving until you must.

Look East:
Along a bookshelf on the wall is a collection of memorabilia from the Prophet's days as a cleric of Mischief. An icon of the Lady Syla is prominently displayed as well as smaller portraits of various members of Mischief. A simple, unadorned mace lays before these items.

Look Up ceiling:
Glancing up, the simple ceiling of the burrow slowly transforms into a swirl of chaos and void. You feel yourself being sucked into the chaos and feel a sense of movement and distance quickly passing. Before you are completely taken by the void, you avert your gaze and are surprised to see yourself once again in the comfort of the burrow.

Look Down floor carpet:
A plush, thick carpeting covers the floor. You could almost .. yawn .. sink into it and sleep the day away.