Coleman's Temple

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You enter the sacred area of Coleman's temple. At once your mood improves and a smile crosses your face. You get a feeling of peace, like this would be a fun place to just hang out. There are some recliners and a long couch in the middle of the room, and near it an elaborate altar. Various objects line the walls.

(Blue Aura) The Altar of Coleman stands in the center of the temple.

Look altar
You see a glorious looking altar that looks like an IKEA piece. It resembles a large desk....strewn over it are ceremonial robes and other garb, some miscellaneous weapons, sheets of paper with notes scribbled on them (one is titled 'Quest ideas' but you can't decipher any further), snack foods, and other bits of junk. You sense at once that Coleman places small emphasis on keeping things tidy.

Holy Symbol: The Mark of Mirth
Look Desc: The Mark of Mirth is a badge resembling a face in laughter.

Look North:
This is a wall upon which hang pictures, memorabilia, and other items, all of which are quite special to Coleman. You notice, among other things: a picture of Coleman slaying the brutal Heim to reach level 30, as Kalten looks on, chuckling; a certificate stating 'I killed Heim 500 times', signed by Coleman and the Bazaar Inspector; a painting of a treehouse; a picture of a horrible creature, drooling and tremendously ugly (then you notice it's just a mirror); a photograph of a very young Coleman standing with Kim and Jerald, thanking them for getting his corpse; a ballcap with the insignia of House Veladorn and the word 'Chief' underneath, and signatures from Szordrin and Ozymandius on it in black marker; a picture of Agape and Coleman with arms around each other, smiling, with a caption 'Mages on the rise...will level 10 be a temporary stop on their climb to fame?'; and a cartoon of a MacColeman's with the store sign stating 'Over 100 million IDs'.

Look East:
You see an opaque glass door with the words 'The Smartest Man In The World' engraved in it. Underneath it you see a small cardboard sign taped to the door with the markered words 'While you're waiting for him, you can speak with Coleman' on it.

Look South:
You see a wall which is entirely covered by television screens: there are 16 in all, with different images on each. Some are labelled 'follower surveillance', a couple are showing baseball games, one has ESPN blaring, one looks like a video link to other immortals, another shows CMUD which is the 'News of Midgaard' station, one has Dutch television with subtitles in Common, one plays stand-up comedy routines 24 hours a day, and the rest are tuned to stock quote hows, cooking shows, music videos, or other mind-mushing topics. There is no way you could watch them all, but you chuckle as you realize that Coleman can, and does.

Look West:
You see a huge map which spans the entire scope of the mud world. You notice about 5 red X's in various places on the map, and about 40 blue X's in other places. A key at the bottom right of the map draws your eye. The key reads: Red X -- Areas explored as mortal. Blue X -- Areas explored as immortal. You think 'What a goofball...he only went to 5 areas and he immorted?' Then you wonder if that's just a joke or not...and where those 5 areas are.

Look Up:
You see nothing special about this ceiling. Sheesh, what do you expect, creativity in every nook and cranny? I had to skimp somewhere. Okay, if you insist: You see whatever you want most in the world, floating just beyond your grasp. There, feel better now?

Look Down:
You look down and, shocked, notice two hugely grotesque lumps grabbing your legs. Oh, wait, it's only your feet. Under them you see a plush white carpet, which was obviously a mistake because you also notice foot marks, beer stains, and little bits of various things you don't wish to identify. You think "I have to kneel on this? Ugh."]