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Grayghost (I)
Created 1x
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Followed Ginny

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Ma:29 Th: 9       ] Grayghost the Duracel Mage - Hey it's DARK in here!        (Molo's Mortal Archives)
Hum [ Ma:30 Th:15       ] GrayGhost:Shadow Lord, Arch-Mage of the Black Conclave     March 24, 1996
Hum [ Ma:30 Th:15. .. . ] Grayghost:Shadow Lord, Arch-Mage of the Black Conclave     March 16, 1997

Character History:


  • Grayghost's name was often abbreviated to "GG" in general chatter.
  • According to Molo (October 21, 2001), "Grayghost and Salem came over from Ginny by a prior agreement they made with her before worshipping."
  • Grayghost was ordered by Molo to fetch Khore's corpse out of the Black Shrine, when Khore died there during his quest for immortality.
  • According to Molo (October 31, 2000), it was Grayghost who formed the Conclave policy that any wedding rings obtained by the Conclave would either be traded back to the owner, or the restring would be destroyed through restringing over the existing descriptions.
  • Foolkiller had an extensive collection of mortal bags and steaks, including: steak made from Grayghost
  • Grayghost was mentioned in Cirth's tale for Khore's "What If" storytelling Contest: What If... Ginny had been Good?
  • During one of Kaern's many trips into The Volcano (7/20/98), Madman and Kaern got to Discussing Grayghost.
  • Despite him having been gone for several years at that point, a simple ring enchanted by Grayghost was still floating around in December 15, 2001. It's form at that time was: (Mythical) Seal of the Ancient Elven Masters.
  • In a conversation among immortals, August 19, 2002, Clue mentioned that Grayghost was one of the few PLAYERS who was older than she was.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

January 20, 1996 - Molo completes his required hours for Ambassadorship, and one week later, becomes a Demi God, leading the Black Conclave. His first follower is Grayghost, a 30th level mage of great power and renown. (This fact has been used in multiple trivia contests over the years).