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Official Information

Rangers are primarily non-evil, specialized warriors, skilled in moving through the landscape and living in the wilderness. Although some may be called to the path of evil, they are few and far between, as they pay a high price for their betrayal of their nature. Rangers are only allowed to use non-metal armor, but if they have a free hand, they may wield two weapons at one time.

A half-elf, an elf, a sahuagin, or a human can be a Ranger.

As stated below STR and DEX are the primary and secondary stat for Rangers. During the character generation process, an additional bonus is given to the STR and DEX stats. Additionally, the race of your character also helps or hinders your STR and DEX stats. Each race ranks differently for STR and DEX. Listed below in descending order are the recommended races for a Ranger. By selecting a race higher on the list you have a better chance of getting more favorable STR and DEX stats during the roll process. However, bear in mind that your choice may help or hinder a secondary or tertiary class.

  • Elf / Sahugin
  • Half Elf
  • Human

Ranger Skills

 Parry              is at level  1  Common             is at level  1
 Tracking           is at level  2  Dwarven            is at level  3
 Elven              is at level  3  Gnomish            is at level  3
 Halfling           is at level  3  Aarakocra          is at level  3
 Giant              is at level  3  Minotaur           is at level  3
 Ogre               is at level  3  Sahuagin           is at level  3
 Butcher            is at level  4  Sneak              is at level  4
 Dodge              is at level  5  Kobold             is at level  5
 Goblin             is at level  5  Orc                is at level  5
 Hide               is at level  6  Kick               is at level  7
 Retrieve           is at level  7  Disarm             is at level  8
 Blynd              is at level 10  Thoras             is at level 10
 Troll              is at level 10  Rescue             is at level 11
 Engage             is at level 12  Sphere use         is at level 13
 Second attack      is at level 15  Drow               is at level 15
 Third attack       is at level 25  Info               is at level 25

Player-Supplied Information

(From The TFC For Newbies website, created by Nyx)

Rangers share some skills with warriors, though not enhanced damage, and some with thieves, like sneak and hide. They also have some fun abilities of their own, like the butcher skill. This allows the ranger to make his own food from the corpses of dead critters. These steaks can also serve as trophies and are often sought after during quests. As fun as the steaks are, however, it is the ability to wield two weapons that is the real claim to fame for rangers. Rather than use metal armor, rangers use their high dexterity to avoid being hit in combat.

The 'high price' paid by evil rangers refers to some advantages good rangers get when trying to PK their evil brethren. All rangers also get a bonus when attacking Ogre player characters.

The primary stat for rangers is dexterity.
The secondary stat for rangers is strength.

Useful Skills

  • Track
  • Disarm
  • Blynd
  • Sneak
  • Butcher
  • Second Attack
  • Third Attack
  • Hide

Rumor and Speculation

None at this time.