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Official Information

Ebencaleneezer is the master of The Demon Realm. He has several sons.

Player Provided Information / Trivia

  • In BlissPoll 2001B, Ebencaleneezer tied for second place for 'Scariest mob.'
  • Ebencaleneezer was referenced in one of the restrings belonging to Tylorn: the shattered seal of King Ebencaleneezer.



Ebencaleneezer stares back at you with ice blue eyes, chilling your soul.
Ebencaleneezer has a special twinkle in his eye.
Ebencaleneezer is in perfect health.

Ebencaleneezer is using:
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) the Ring of Wisdom
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) the Ring of Might
<held> a silver key