Torchbearer's Temple

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(Note: Unfortunately, my file for Torchbearer's temple got corrupted at some point. I only have a few of the descriptions. - Cordir)

The banquet hall of the Arcanes sprawls out before you. Rotted meat and
carcasses are scattered upon the cold stone floor, bathed in the wine of
fallen chalices. The foreboding throne of the Dark Seraph protrudes from the
dismal shadows at the end of the hall, and before it his banquet table set
with the limbs of fallen warriors. The stench of decaying flesh pervades the
entire temple, as do the shrill cries and agonizing moans of the crucified.
Every corner of the temple displays an obsidian obelisk, each bearing unique

(Red Aura) The Font of Eternal Life lies before you.

Look font unholy bath:
The crimson baptismal font of the Arcanes is filled to the brim with blood.
Deep grooves cut into the surface of the stone floor act as channels sloping
downward into the font from the obsidian obelisks. It appears that the Dark
Seraph wishes to collect every droplet of blood expelled from the pierced
wrists and ankles of those he has crucified.

Holy Symbol: wings of the Seraph
A glowing pair of wings become one with your body.

Look obsidian obelisk:
The scarlet stained obelisks surge upward from the surface of the chamber.
Each is accompanied by a crucifix paired with the tortured body of some
unfortunate captive, held high above the icy floor. Their screams are
endless, each begging for their own demise but finding themselves kept alive by
the malign magic of the Dark Seraph. They must serve as a spectacle during
the many feasts the Arcanes hold in their glory