The Tale of the Guardian Vampire

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{This log was edited at the time to make it more of a 'story' form, combining lines of Says and emotes. These events occurred some time in August - September 1996, and takes place after Kin Tails and A Foul Smelling Ivory Rose.)

Elf 	[ Wa: 8     ] 	Gryorg Lavode. DzurLord. Gatherer. Kindred.
Hum 	[ Sh: 9     ] 	Lena follows the trail of the Kindred Gatherers
Hum 	[ Sh:14     ] 	Demian Kindred [HoK]
Hel 	[ Ma:18     ] 	Saphyre walks alone in Kindred Darkness
Hel 	[ DemiGod   ] 	Khore, Lord Vampyric of the Kindred. 
Hum 	[ Sh:14     ] 	Demian Kindred [HoK]

The Cave of Khore
You have entered what appears to be a subterranean cave. All around, the sounds of dripping water echo and reecho. The bounds of the cave are not readily visible; the walls disappear into the darkness. Flames, barely visible amidst the almost tangible darkness, hang suspended in the air flanking a wide sandy walkway to the apparent center of the cave. There you see rock formations jutting from wall and floor and ceiling at impossible angles, all crackling with a red lightning that leaps back and forth. The rocks form a circular enclosure around a raised section on the floor. Five great stone pillars of the gothic style melt into the floor and ceiling encircling the raised section. Each pillar has a black plaque embedded in it, glowing with blood red letters. In the center of all this, an eerie red light emanates from an ornate wooden coffin.
Fear grips you as doubts about your self worth begin to tear at your soul. Internal conflict rages nearly suffocating you... and then, there is only a dark flooding peace which overwhelms you. A voice intones, 'The Lord of this cave is the Lord of Fear. He who shall enter his chamber shall fear nothing but him.' The presence of the Vampyre Lord Khore is overwhelming here... strangely terrifying yet calming you with a foreboding and silent stillness. High above you, the ceiling seems to writhe and move...
An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.

Saphyre smiles and says 'How are you Lena, I hope you are well.’

Lena pauses and thinks a moment, aimlessly tracing patterns on the Cave floor with one clawed toe. She says 'Well,’ twitching her whiskers. 'Umm...’

Saphyre looks at Lena and says 'Are you ok, hon?’

Lena shrugs eloquently.

Saphyre says 'What’s wrong?’

Lena drops to all fours, walks over to the corner, curls up in a ball, and watches the room. She sighs, and asks, 'You heard about the thing with Cujo?’

Saphyre shakes her head, replying, 'I have not.’

Khore nods.

Lena growls softly, angrily.

Gryorg has arrived, and bows gracefully with a flourish of his hand.

Khore says 'He peed on her.’

Saphyre winces. Ouch!

Lena nods in acknowledgment.

Saphyre beams a smile at Gryorg.

Gryorg says 'Ah.. should I leave?’

Khore says 'No, Gryorg.’ The Vampire lord turns to the wemic says 'You should have swiped it off, Lena.’

Saphyre says 'I can understand why you are upset’ and shakes her head.

Lena hasn't been able to get the reek out of her fur.

Gryorg says 'Ah'.

Lena stands, grumbling, then strips. Once nude, the wemic shakes all over, getting rid of the feel of clothes, then lies back down on the floor of the Cave.

Gryorg slowly lowers himself to the ground leaning against a wall.

Khore gestures, and says, ‘Come stand before me.’

Lena stands and pads over to Khore, kneeling at his feet.

Khore says 'Stand.’ She stands hesitantly before him.

Khore utters the words, 'rain'.

Lena smiles happily.

A cleansing rain falls from the heavens.

Gryorg gazes up into the rain.

Lena licks the raindrops, trying to catch the rain on her tongue. Her fur becomes wet and slick in the downpour and she washes herself clean.

Saphyre smiles faintly and wipes the wet hair from her face.

Gryorg basks in the rain.

Khore utters the words, 'wind'.

A warm wind blows from above.

Lena exults in the feel of the primal breeze, arching her back and sniffing the breeze for scent as her fur begins to dry.

Khore smiles at her, and she smiles back happily.

Saphyre shakes her hair in the wind, smiling.

Khore says 'Beautiful luster, Lena. Do you like being brushed?’

Lena pauses and thinks a moment, then answers, 'Don’t know. No one has ever..’

Gryorg smoothes back his hair.

Khore chuckles, evidently amused, saying 'You're kind of... fluffy right now.’

Lena says 'Most think I'm stupid pet.. not person.. They just pat, say "there, there, kitty"'. She sighs, resignedly.

Gryorg hides a chuckle behind his hand.

Khore says 'Even Saphyre must brush her hair.’ Saphyre nods. Khore says 'There is no difference.’

Lena gazes wistfully at the ebon locks, and murmurs, 'Pretty..’

Saphyre sighs as she tries to comb her tangled hair.

Khore smiles happily, saying 'So is yours.’

Lena flexes her claws, saying 'I'll comb it, Saphyre...’

Khore says 'Here,’ and hands Lena a fine tortoise shell brush.

Saphyre sits before the wemic, who looks at Khore, confused at the brush.

Khore says 'Hmmm... The claws may be better.’

Lena unsheathes her claws and delicately and precisely begins to restore order to Saphyre's hair.

The First Daughter smiles happily.

Lena carefully unsnarls each tangle.

Bezil lands unceremoniously in the middle of the cave.

Saphyre smiles and says 'thank you Lena. This mane can be um.. difficult at times.’

Lena runs her claws through Saphyre's hair.

Khore says '... Hello Bezil.’

Gryorg arches one elegant brow, inquisitively, looking at Bezil.

Lena flinches.

Saphyre says 'good evening, Bezil'.

The guardian vampire says, 'Hello, my lord.’

Lena growls softly, confusedly, at Bezil.

The guardian vampire says, 'I had heard... the wemic sought me.’

Lena focuses on Saphyre's pretty hair.

Khore says 'I imagine... she did.’

Gryorg looks from Bezil, to Lena and back.

Lena trembles, and tries not to pull Saphyre's hair with her claws.

The guardian vampire says, 'Perhaps... another time... Lena?’

Lena shivers, shaking her head, and whispers, "no.." She looks down, ashamed, and whispers, "I know I’m not very brave sometimes.. sometimes I just need a moment.. to be brave.."

Gryorg makes to stand.

Saphyre turns and strokes Lena’s soft fur.

Lena shakes her head at Gryorg, and says, ‘Its ok..’

Khore closes the door.

A voice intones, 'All stay.’

Gryorg starts.. then nods, murmuring 'As you wish'.

Lena shivers uncomfortably.

Gryorg slowly lowers himself to the ground leaning against a wall.

Lena pats Saphyre's shoulder, then turns to face Bezil.

The guardian vampire says, 'That voice...’

A voice intones, 'Yes, messenger, it is I, we, us.’

Lena shivers fearfully.

Khore nods and says 'He has been vocal of late.’

Lena trembles, trying hard to hold still, then looks up .. and up.. and up..

A voice intones, 'The path of history and time is changing, changes, will change.’

Lena worries at her lip, then visibly steels herself.

The guardian vampire says, 'I remember you.’

Lena whispers, "Bezil... you.. were.. young..." She hesitates.

A voice intones, 'We, I, Us expect you to remember.’

The guardian vampire says, 'I ... was young once.’

Lena whispers, "When.. you took me.. away... You were young..."

Bezil says, 'Yes.’

Lena looks troubled, whispering 'But.. I'm young...’

The guardian vampire says, 'Yes. And I have aged.’

Lena says 'And if you were young, then.. when you took me.. Umm.. How come... umm.. How come you're old and I'm still.. young? And I don't remember being really little?’

Bezil points upwards and says, 'Ask him...’

Lena says 'The darkness?’

A voice intones, 'We, I, Us... held you. We, I, us... emptied you... and filled you.’

Lena shivers uncomfortably, and whispers, 'Up with momma an poppa?’

A voice intones, ‘No. Your place was separate.’

Lena looks confused. She says 'I don't understand, Darkness..’

A voice intones, 'Behold. For images will be yours again.’

Lena looks very embarrassed, and asks, ‘Can you use smaller words?’

A voice intones, 'Heir of Darkness, brace them.’

Khore sighs loudly.

Gryorg arches one elegant brow, inquisitively.

Khore says 'Hands unto me, young ones.’

Gryorg nods, rises and gently places a hand on Khore’s arm. Saphyre nods, and places a hand on Khore’s shoulder.

Lena whispers, "Could you hold me, Lord Khore?" Khore wraps his arms around her. She purrs, feeling safe for the moment.

A voice intones, 'We draw upon... memories... I draw upon... emotions... Us draw upon... strength...’

Lena thinks hard about what the Darkness is saying, then says 'So... life..?’

Images begin to fill your mind... You see... a green and beautiful land. Farmers... humans... working fields... smiling... .. peace ...

Saphyre closes her eyes.

Lena says hesitantly, "Sanguinna?"

A huge keep stands on the Horizon, overlooking the town...

A voice intones, 'Behold... Dracul's keep.. Behold... Sanguinna.’

The guardian vampire says, 'Sanguinna.’

Gryorg looks on in awe.

Khore nods. He says 'Sanguinna.’

Lena says 'Before? Or now? Or will be?’

A voice intones, 'Not now... the was... not the will be.’

Lena says 'Would be nice to be there..’

Gryorg nods.

A child plays in the streets. His face is young and pure. He plays with a small companion... A child wemic, barely a few years old, barely larger than a small cat...

Lena yelps in surprise, 'HEY!’

The wemic smiles contentedly, yelping and dancing around the child.

Lena says 'HEY! That's ... me?’

Gryorg compares the yelps and smiles slightly.

The child leans down and picks her up, holds her close and hugs her… You can hear the loud contented purring…

Khore nods in recognition to Lena..

Bezil says, 'Yes, that is you, child.’

Lena says 'But.. its.. was?’ She scratches her head with one claw, confused.

A voice intones, 'Know this one. Spriti.’

The boy, turns and stares upwards... apparently having heard something... his name... The boy says, 'Did someone call me? Hey... did som- OUCH! LENA!!'

Lena says 'Riti... I 'member.. som’t'n about 'Riti..’

The small wemic dances playfully away, nipping at the child's ankles.

….You feel the weight of years and time fade away...

…Your perspective changes.

You are in a laboratory, stacked with huge amounts of books and potions, braziers and tomes...

Lena shivers, then growls softly, angrily. She says 'I... I don't..’

Gryorg looks on in interest.

And a huge shape... The ogre mage says, 'Lena?? Lena, where are you?’ You see the wemic, perhaps 7 or 8 years old bound out from behind a bookshelf. Her huge green eyes already dance with mischief and she pounces on the huge ogre's back. You see the softness dance in Khan's eyes as he roughly picks her up by the scruff of her neck and dangles her. The ogre mage says, 'Now, now. No playing in here.’

Lena wails, "How come he didn't remember me when he came back, then! How come he was mean??"

Bezil remonstrates, 'Be silent... There is more...’

Lena claps both paws over her muzzle.

The wemic dangles helplessly from his huge grasp. She playfully bats at his arms. She begins to meow loudly, angrily. She says, 'Leme go, lemme go, lemme go, mean ol’ Khan!'

Khore smiles happily.

Lena blushes through her fur.

Bezil's lips curl into a smile.

Khan chuckles at the dangling wemic. The ogre mage says, 'Oh dear Lena.’ Khan hugs her close, and you see the Wemic's paws hug him back tightly. Khan puts her on the floor, and pats her playfully. The ogre mage says, 'Go on your way, little one, there is work to be done here.’ The wemic bounds out of the laboratory happily.

….You feel the weight of years fall before you...

…..Your perspective changes…..

You see Lena... as she looks now... not much different. She is prowling around the side of the Keep. A large shadow stands behind her.

Dracul says, 'Don't get lost, Lena.'

Lena tilts her head to one side... trying to remember..

The wemic bounds out and runs straight into Khan.

The ogre mage says, 'Lena, I have been searching for you. Lord Dracul, it comes. It comes.’

Dracul says, 'What comes, Khan?’

The ogre mage says, 'It does.’

Bezil appears to be shaking visibly.

Lena tilts her head to one side... wondering..

The memories reflected in Bezil's eyes terrify you to gaze upon.

Bezil whispers, 'the Maelstrom...’

Gryorg looks up at the mention of the Storm.

The building begins to shudder violently.

Lena says 'But... that was before before.. way long before.. again?... still?'.

The ogre mage says, 'It has remembered... the wemics... it has found her... and found Sanguinna...’

Lena shivers uncomfortably, and wails, "NO! Was it my fault, then??'

The wemic appears startled.

Lena struggles in Khore's arms.

Khore says 'no, dear Lena... be still.’

Dracul screams, 'I will not abandon HER to the storm!’

Lena quiets with effort, and watches, her eyes huge with dread.

The ogre mage says, 'There is another way.’

Bezil nods sadly, 'yes... there is another way.’

Dracul says, 'How long do we have?’

The ogre mage says, 'A few days at most. It will find us, we cannot prepare.’

The wemic looks startled and scared.

Dracul says, 'Come here, Lena.’

The wemic bounds up and into Dracul's arms.

Dracul says, 'No harm will befall you... we have spoken about it before...’

The wemic nods bravely, obediently, fear reflected in her huge green eyes.

The ogre mage says, 'We will not have to give her to the storm. It will not find us... if she is not here...’

Dracul says, 'Where will we leave her?’

The wemic wails at the question.

Dracul holds her closely and says, 'Do not worry little one.’

The ogre mage says, 'There is more than that, Dracul. She must be delivered away, and there is only one safe place...’

Dracul nods.

Bezil closes his eyes.

The ogre mage says, 'Bezil!’

Bezil shudders at the sound of his name.

A younger Bezil drops down in front of Khan. The guardian vampire says, 'Yes, Khan?’

The ogre mage says, 'Lena, go with Bezil.’

The wemic whimpers and bounces into Bezil's arms. Bezil holds her closely. You see the absolute trust and adoration in Lena's eyes as she clings to him. The guardian vampire says, 'There there, little Lena... who raised you all these years? It'll be ok, little one.’ The young Bezil soars off into the skies... knowing his destination.

Dracul says, 'You are sure she will be safe there...?’

The ogre mage says, 'Yes. But we are not safe yet... and neither is she.’

Dracul sighs.

The ogre mage says, 'You know then...’

Dracul says, 'I have feared... when will we remember her again?’

Lena wails softly.

The ogre mage says, 'When it is safe... and Bezil reminds us... and I cast the spell. Not until then. All memory of her in Sanguinna must be eradicated... her memory is enough for the Maelstrom to find us. It is still too strong. We are too weak still.’

Dracul says, 'How long will it take you?’

The ogre mage says, 'One day.’

Dracul says, 'I will miss her. No... I won't remember her... but... one day soon.’

The ogre mage says, 'Aye, Dracul... soon. I hope.’

…..Your perception changes….

You see Bezil standing on the cliff that faces a wall of impenetrable Darkness.

Lena shivers uncomfortably.

A voice intones, 'You have sought me. I await you... you have brought the chyld?’

The guardian vampire says, 'When will you return her to us?’

The wemic is asleep in Bezil's arms... apparently spelled asleep by her guardian.

A voice intones, 'When the time is correct, she will be returned to the Heir of Darkness.’

The guardian vampire says, 'Must my mind be empty too? Will the Maelstrom find me if it is not?’

Gryorg looks up at Lord Khore briefly...then back to the images before him.

A voice intones, 'No... messenger. But if it is not empty... it may not return to the sanctuary of the Heir of Darkness.’

The guardian vampire says, '...’

Bezil... the Bezil in the room with you, shuts his eyes tightly, staring downwards.

A voice intones, 'You have chosen already.’

The guardian vampire says, 'I have...’

Lena stares over at Bezil, and is ashamed...

A voice intones, 'Is the memory of this one so dear, you choose banishment from Sanguinna?’

The guardian vampire says, 'She is to me. I do not wish to forget her.’

Lena weeps, great tears spilling from her emerald eyes.

Bezil's quiet sobs can be heard in the corner of the cave.

Khore shuts his eyes and sighs deeply.

Saphyre's face is streaked by a single tear of blood.

A voice intones, 'So be it. Hand me the chyld.’

Lena says hesitantly, "But I didn't remember, Bezil... I'm sorry..."

The young Bezil hands the sleeping wemic into the darkness and there is a flash...

Gryorg whispers 'The guardian vampire. He is Lena's guardian...'

Bezil nods slowly, not moving from where he is.

Gryorg nods.

….Your perception shifts...

Deamhan and Diabhail hunt together... A flash and Lena appears before them... The image shudders and then fades out completely.

Lena says 'Hey! I remember that part.. sorta...But.. the other stuff..’ Lena shifts in Khore's arms and says 'Down, Khore?’

The guardian vampire says, 'I am sorry, little one.’

Khore releases Lena.

Lena leaps out of his arms, and pads over to Bezil. She searches his eyes with her own.

Bezil stares down at her, a small sad smile on his lips.

Lena says 'How come... I don't remember either?’

The guardian vampire says, 'I do not know.’

Lena asks, 'How come... what's so...’

A voice intones, 'You were purged... for your safety... You slept...’

Lena says 'What's so special about me... that the Maelstrom wanted to eat me?’

Bezil says, 'You were the last of the Wemic.’

Lena asks 'How come everybody liked me so much? I’m just me.. nothing important..’

The guardian vampire says, 'The strongest alliance of the Ordinus Nosferatus.’

A voice intones, 'Wemic, your blood is the ichor of Darkness.’

Lena wrinkles her nose.. that sounds gross! ..and wonders if she misunderstood…

A voice intones, 'They were born of me, are more of me than any that walk, save for the direct descendants.’

Gryorg turns to Lena with a look of respect.

Lena blinks and stammers 'Really?..umm.. Me?’

A voice intones, 'Wemic, I flow through your blood.’

Lena looks puzzled, and looks down at herself.

A voice intones, 'My embodiment on this plane was through Wemickind. I chose you... arbitrarily. You are not special because. You are special because I chose you to be the carrier...’

Lena visibly shrinks, embarrassed.

A voice intones, 'We, I, us... exist through you. We linked into this plane through you. Your destruction would have been... ours. Mine. Us. End... Oblivion. Cessation.’

You feel the most primal and dreadful fear you have ever known... the fear of oblivion.

Lena says 'An all the eyes... gone, too? All the wemics... momma.. poppa? Gone?’

Gryorg shivers uncomfortably.

A voice intones, 'No. So were they my vessels. I am their vessel now. They await a home.’

Lena pleads, 'Can they come out, ever, if Sa'guinna comes back? If we fix it? Can they come back?’

A voice intones, 'Not Sanguinna. That is not theirs.’

Lena sighs and looks downcast.

A voice intones, 'But yes... they will return... when their home is found again.’

Lena twitches her ears, listening carefully, and whispers, 'Home?’

Bezil smiles at Lena. He answers, 'I have found it... I have searched for seven millennia to find it...’

Lena says 'With th' purple grass an' th' red sun? Home?’

Bezil nods.

Lena smiles happily and says 'OK.. so what do I gotta do?’

The guardian vampire says, 'I wanted to find it for you. The Maelstrom... destroyed it... hid it... But... its power has weakened... the restoration will take time.’

A voice intones, 'Have faith, young one. It will come to pass. You have asked. And I have answered.’

Lena straightens, pulling back her shoulders, alert.

A voice intones, 'We, us, I ... tire of this.’

Khore smiles happily.

Lena whispers, "sorry.. didn't mean to make you tired.." and blushes through her fur.

Khore says 'You have found it, Bezil?’

The guardian vampire says, 'Yes, my lord.’

Khore says 'Where?’

Lena says 'WHERE????? Where where where!???’

The guardian vampire says, 'It is not... 'where'... my lord...’

Lena says 'When?’

Bezil answers, 'It is... 'when'.... It is tomorrow and yesterday... but not today. It is soon.’

Lena pauses and thinks a moment.

Khore nods. He smiles happily.

Lena wails, 'So I have to wait..!!’

Khore says 'Patience, Lena.’

Lena sighs 'An be strong.. and learn a lot... and be ready?’

Khore says 'Have patience.’

The guardian vampire says, 'Not long. It will fall upon you to restore it, Lena.’

Lena wrinkles up her nose, and says, ‘I’m not too good at waiting..’

Bezil whispers, 'And... I will help if you will have me.’

Lena nods, tears filling her eyes.

There is the barest hint of ... pleading in Bezil's eyes... for forgiveness.

Lena whispers "Guardian.. of .... me... huh?"

The guardian vampire says, 'I have never forgotten.’

Khore smiles happily, and says 'Bezil's history with the Kindred is long. His history with the Ordinus is longer. He has guarded many...’

Lena says 'I'm sorry I was a meanie, Bezil.. but I didn't remember.. I still don't ... but now.. I know...’

Gryorg nods to Bezil respectfully.

A shimmering appears in the center of the cave. A ball of light floats down next to the shimmering.

Lena says 'If you'll forgive me for being mean,... I'll forgive you for taking me away from .. well.. for doing what you were s'posed to..’

The shade of the Third Son says, 'It is time.’

The ogre mage says, 'yes... Time.’

Khan utters the words, 'Remembrance'.

The ogre mage says, 'Dear Lena...It has been... too long.’

Lena shivers uncomfortably, and whispers, 'I saw.... but...’

The shade of the Third Son says, 'Lena...’

Lena looks warily at the Ogre.

The shade of the Third Son says, 'My lord... ages have passed...’

The ogre mage says, 'It could not be sooner, Dracul.’

Bezil says, 'Nay. I waited... and hoped it would be soon.’

Lena bows respectfully to the Ogre Mage and to Dracul, not sure how to behave, confused and uncertain... She says 'I saw... but.. I don't remember...’

Khore smiles at Lena

The shade of the Third Son says, 'It will come to you in time. Lena... those memories... are buried somewhere... up there.’

Lena looks up.

The ogre mage says, 'They will return... give them time... time, Lena...’

The mage steps forward and picks Lena up by the scruff of the neck. Khan's eyes sparkle.

Lena yelps, ‘HEY! Put me down! Put me down!’

The ogre mage says, 'Oh how I remember this.’

Lena bats at the Ogre Mage's arms.

Khan laughs.

Dracul chuckles.

Khan squeezes Lena.

Lena says 'Lemme go lemme go lemme go! ooff! That's too hard!’

Khan sets Lena down.

Lena bats at Khan's ankles.

Khan smiles.

The shade of the Third Son says, 'Oh.. but for the corporeal body again...’

Lena scampers out of arm's range...

The shade of the Third Son says, 'I should like to remember how that felt.’

Lena drops to all fours and pads over towards the light, raising one tentative paw towards the light.

The ogre mage says, 'Dracul, we must be gone... thank you... for the call Bezil...These are memories... I did not want to lose ever... thank you for returning them.’

The shade of the Third Son says, 'Yes... Sanguinna's restoration... will take time... Time... Lena... remember.’

The mage and Dracul vanish as they shimmer into the air.

Lena says 'I'm sorry I tried to bite you, Khan, when you showed up all mean...’

Khore smiles happily.

The guardian vampire says, 'He knows, Lena. Khan... is a wise one. I remember...In the laboratory... how he forbade us to enter.’ Lena pads back over to Bezil, and sits at his feet. He says, 'Except for you... he'd let you in, and always...’

Lena wraps her arms around her knees and listens raptly.

The guardian vampire says, 'After the little explosion and sound of falling items...’ Bezil smiles, as Lena giggles and blushes through her fur. The guardian vampire says, 'How he'd scream and yell and shoo you out... and come out and find you and give you a new magical toy. He knows you almost as well as I do. Almost.’

Lena sighs, bows her head, and mumbles, "Wish I remembered... sounds fun..."

Bezil swiftly wipes a tear away. The guardian vampire says, 'I must be going, Lena... '.

Lena says 'Wait..’ and stands up.

The guardian vampire says, 'Yes?’

Lena lays her paws on Bezil's shoulders, stretching to reach and delicately licks the tears from Bezil's face. He picks Lena up and squeezes her close, saying 'I have missed you, child.’

Lena says 'MY Guardian... huh?’ She pauses and thinks a moment.

Bezil smiles. The guardian vampire says, 'Always.’

Lena says 'So.. like a poppa....’ Lena smiles happily.

Bezil bows. The guardian vampire says, 'Maybe...’

Lena whispers, "Kindred are family, but.. this is different...

Bezil fades into darkness.

Lena whispers, "Now I know I belong to somebody.."

A voice from the darkness, 'I will see you soon, little one...’

Lena weeps.

Gryorg bows his head reverently.

Khore hugs Lena.

A voice intones, 'Khore.’

Khore says 'Yes?’

A voice intones, 'You have asked, and the answer comes. The voice of Darkness speaks.’

Khore says 'Of what?’

A voice intones, 'Of Weaver's Chyld and Vampyric Lord.’

Khore whispers, 'Cordir...’

A voice intones, 'Behold. This is the answer.’

For on the sea of silent waves, that crash upon the far soul's shores,
Within the heart where love is laid, beneath the haze of nevermore,
She lifts a gaze to morning sky and breathes a voice of thankful sigh,
Wherein that wave where love is borne, there rests the most deceitful lie.
A mirror in meadow fair of wind and silent but for the love of birds.
The apparition stares within and speaks to her devoid of words,
With eyes like mist of midnight dew and skin like northern winds,
She looks into her past and sees her past without the weight of sin.
And sin there is, for in her face the lie begins to grow and live,
And in her mind where it was cast, the chaos seeps and starts to give.
life to Darkness and to Death and to memories buried beneath the haze,
And blinded her to allied souls and cast iron into her once soft gaze.
The Weaver looks and he is pale and sees the strand twist in itself.
And silence breaks the noise of winds inside the mind of broken Elf.
He comes and stands behind the child and in the mirror, naught is shown,
But for the child to look behind and she would know she's not alone.
And so the winds from errant lands blow through the pair in meadow fair,
Where time and silence pave the way for growth and understanding there.
And behind the Kindred lord there stands a following of blood,
And hand in hand, they walk their road until their road comes to its end.
And lead with them their errant friend.

A voice intones, 'My voice is done. I leave you now.’

Khore stares silently ahead, and sighs loudly.

Lena says 'SO... the mean lady doesn't remember, neither?’

Gryorg says 'who is this 'Cordir'?’

Khore chuckles, evidently amused and says 'Memories or lack thereof appear to be the root of all problems.’

Gryorg chuckles lightly.

Lena dosen't like having anything in common with that mean lady.

Khore sighs loudly, and says 'Not by any fault of hers. Like Khan did not intend to forget.’

Lena pauses and thinks a moment. She says 'So... Darkness was.. umm... What are we supposed to do? Was that an answer? or more questions?’

Khore says 'I do not know. He speaks in riddles... '.

Lena says 'Rhymes, anyway..’ Lena shrugs eloquently.

(End Scene)

(Note: The poem at the end of this RP led to interaction between Kindred Lord and Weaver's Chyld. Some of what occurred can be seen here: Mind Games)