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Here are a variety of helpful documents, written throughout TFC's long history, that may be helpful. Realize that some code may have changed since these were written - verify any information found here!

Stats - A guide for understanding the various stats, and how your race can affect it.
Score - Understanding the information shown in your Score.
Movement - How to get around on the mud.
Practicing Your Skills - How to get better at your skills and abilities.
Your First Few Levels - Some general information and hints to help you start.
Inventory & Worn Items - General information on 'worn slots' for newbies.
Equipment Overview - An introduction to equipment for newbies.
Armor, Weapons & Damage - Basic information for newbies.
Leveling - General information for newbies.
Combat & Death - General information for newbies.
Inventory of a Paranoid Player - Recommended inventory items for all adventuring
How to Not Die - Basic suggestions on avoiding death

The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Final Challenge- A Work In Progress by Ludo.