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(From the TFC for Newbies website by Nyx)

In general, the stuff you are wearing is considered your equipment and the stuff you are carrying around is your inventory. You can see a list of each by typing EQUIPMENT (or EQ) and INVENTORY (or INV), respectively. If you want to see what is in various containers you are carrying around, you will have to look into them individually. Checking your inventory does not reveal what is in them. There isn’t much more to be said for your inventory, so let’s move on to your equipment.

When you first get started and you check your equipment you will see something like this:

You are using:
(used as light) (Glowing) a war banner
(worn around neck) a cotton scarf
(worn on body) a khaki vest
(wielded) a short training sword

You actually have several more slots that you can wear things in. Specifically, you can wear:

  • 1 light
  • 2 items on your fingers (usually rings)
  • 2 items around your neck (usually amulets)
  • 1 item on your body
  • 1 item on your head
  • 1 item on your legs
  • 1 item on your feet
  • 1 item on your hands
  • 1 item on your arms
  • 1 item about your body (often referred to as your “about” or your “about body” to differentiate it from your “on body” slot)
  • 1 item about your waist
  • 2 items on your wrists
  • 1 primary weapon
  • 1 item held OR 1 shield (if allowed) OR a secondary weapon (if allowed) [You don’t get to use this slot if your weapon is a two-handed weapon.]
  • 2 items “worn with pride” (often referred to simply as “wwp”)