Your First Few Levels

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(From the TFC for Newbies website by Nyx)

So, you’ve got a character and you’ve read through as many help files as you can handle for the time being. What now? Well, here are some things you should think about doing, if you haven’t done so already.

1. Got common? If you aren’t a human or a half-elf, you need to practice common. To do this, find the instructor that watches over your area of Camp Tolanrael (see #3). This mob will be three rooms north of Algenara. Once you use one practice session on common, start speaking it by typing LANG COMMON. Save your other practice for some other ability. Which ability you want to use it on is up to you, but you may find it useful to ask other people of your class what they suggest. You can find out who else is the same class as you by using the who list. Also, save your trains for now.

2. Take a look at your score and get an idea of your stats. This way you have an idea of what kind of equipment you’ll be needing to acquire. Watch auction for people selling things that would be of use to you. Also, make a run by the Pit (see the Guild map, below) and look through the items in it for anything you can use. The things there are usually marked.

3. Change your prompt and configuration options to the way you want them.

4. When standing in the room with Algenara, say ‘help’ so that you can start on her quest. You really, really want to do this quest. It involves delivering items to various shopkeepers in your hometown, so it’s a great way to start learning the place. Make sure you use the map you have in your inventory; it will usually help you find the people you need. You will also get some bits of advice from the people to deliver things to. Best of all, when you get done you will have almost enough experience for level 2 (if you haven’t leveled already) and Algenara will gift you with the pummel stick. If you give an item to the wrong person, you will not be able to complete this quest. Also, if you quit before you reach level 2 and save, then start over with the same character name, Algenara will not let you retake the quest unless there has been a reboot since the last time you tried it. She will, however, allow you to do the quest again if there has been a reboot since the last time you did it.

5. Explore Camp Tolanrael. This is the area north of Algenara. Be sure to look around; there are several pieces of advice there regarding surviving the realm. You can also find some pins you can wear and you can get a camp award if you complete the survival course. To go on the survival course you will need a boat of some sort. The raft-seller at the beginning of the course will be happy to sell you one, but you may be able to buy a cheaper one in your hometown.

6. Explore the Coliseum, the Gallery, and the section of Camp Tolanrael dedicated to your class. There are several mobs to kill in these areas. Make sure you use consider before you attack, though.

7. Once you hit level 2, SAVE. You can’t save before then, but once you make it that far, save often. It prevents you from losing your place and possibly items if there is a crash or reboot.

8. Get to know the Adventurer’s Guild, which most people just refer to as “the guild” or “gh” for Guild Hall.


9. Make sure that you periodically go back to the part of Camp Tolanrael that is set aside for your class. More of it will open up as you level. Once you reach level 5, however, you will no longer be able to go into the camp or any of the other newbie areas: the Coliseum, the Gallery, and Lleheibwen.

10. If you are easily killing everything in the Coliseum and the Gallery, you might want to try Lleheibwen. (That’s “newbie hell” backwards, by the way.) It is located under the Coliseum; look for trapdoors you can go down through. If you go far enough down, you will find a place full of nightmares, skeletons, and minor demons. Unlike the creatures you have seen thus far, these will attack you on sight. They are considered aggressive, which is why most people call this kind of mob an “aggro.” It can be easy to get overwhelmed and badly hurt in Lleheibwen. You may want to go down there grouped with another newbie.

11. If you find magical equipment and items on the mobs you kill, get them identified.

12. If you want to know more about the current following-level immortals, go up the stairs in the room with the Pit (see the Guild map, above) and explore the temples area.

13. Once you hit level 5, you will have to leave the Guild to get experience, so explore your hometown some more. Most of them have an area or two that is designed with low level characters in mind. Just be careful of town guards. If they walk into a room and see a fight, they will join in. Very often they will help out your target, which can be a bad thing for a low level character.

14. Explore around your hometown, but do so carefully. Take a look at the information available in the area write-ups before going to far. Some of the hometowns are very near some nasty place you don’t want to stumble into.