Practicing Your Skills

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(From the TFC For Newbies website by Nyx)

Practice sessions, which are often simply referred to as “practices” or “pracs,” are used to learn skills and spells. They are also used to increase your ability to accomplish those skills and spells. You will start out with only two practices but you will get more every time you level. How many more you get will depend on your wisdom.

You can check how many practices you currently have typing PRAC or PRACTICE. This will provide you a list of all the skills and spells you can currently practice, what your ability level is for each of them, and a reminder of how many practices you have left. While this list starts out small, it can get pretty big over time. This is especially true for casters. If you are multi-classed and want to just see the skills and spells you have associated with a particular class, you can use PRACTICE to get that list, where is the class you are interested in. It is also worth noting that all available spells are listed first, then skills, then special spells memorized from spell crystals. Each set of abilities is listed alphabetically.

To use a practice session you will need to find a practice mob. If you are under level 5 you can practice with the individual who watches over your class’ section of Camp Tolanrael. If you are level 5 or bigger then your best bet is to find a practice mob in your hometown. Very often these individuals are to be found in guilds spaced around town. In towns where there are no guild there will be one individual somewhere in town who can help you. If you don’t know who the practice mob is in your hometown, ask for help.

Having a high intelligence and wisdom help you make the most of your practice sessions, so it is worthwhile to wear equipment that increases those stats when you use your practices. Specifically, your intelligence determines how much you will learn with each practice and your wisdom is a partial determinant of what ability level you can learn something to.

Once you have found the practice mob you can practice an ability by typing PRACTICE , where is the skill or spell you want to learn. You will get one of three messages in return. “You can’t do that here” means that you aren’t in a room with a practice mob. “You practice X,” where X is the ability you tried to practice means you have successfully learned that ability. “I have trained you all I can in X,” where X is the ability you tried to practice means you have learned as much as you can about that ability.

Your ability level for any give skill or spell is effectively a percentage that progresses from 0% to a maximum between 80% to 100%. You can’t see the exact percent you are at but you do get to see a descriptor. This is the phrase in parentheses following the ability name when you type PRAC. The list of descriptors, from worst to best, is:

  • Not learned
  • Horrid
  • Horrible
  • Very poor
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Moderate
  • Average
  • Good
  • Very good
  • Impressive
  • Excellent
  • Superb
  • Expert

In addition to increasing your ability levels by using more practices on an ability, you can get better at many abilities simply by using them a lot. If you aren’t getting many practices when you level it may be worth your while to just use one or two practices for any given ability and then try getting better at it through use, rather than dumping several practices into improving just one ability.

If you want to see what abilities are available at each level for a class, type SKILL {class}, where class is the name of the class you are interested in.