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YAY! We're glad you came back to TFC!
For those of you who have played before, you will find that just as a lot is still the same, a LOT has changed. Here's a few of the big changes that you should be aware of, since the implementation of version 4.0, which was installed September 6th, 2008:

Character Changes

  • It MAY be possible to have your old character recovered. The only one who can do so is Tynian. So post him a note of your character's name, password, and the last time frame you can remember logging in!
  • ALL classes and ALL races can have ALL stats - not just their primary stat - go to 25. Racial maxes have also changed!! Attributes that were at MAX may now be trainable, or vice versa. (Version pre5-4.46.0, checked in on 06/30/14)
  • For those who are level 50: You can still increase your stats! For every 150k exp you gain, you can gain up to 3 HPs. Every 450k, you can get up to 3 hp / 3 mana!
  • Hit Points and Mana are now a "calculated" value. Hit points are now set based on a character's class(es), constitution, and other factors. As a result, your hit points will almost certainly be different. In some cases, HP has gone up, and in others, it has gone down. The primary advantage to this change is that leveling sins you may have committed when you were level 5 will no longer haunt you. Mana is now a "calculated" value, based on your magical class, attributes, and other factors. Mana is not influenced by former mana gains.
  • You don't need to level your magic class as your primary class for full mana gains anymore. For example, if you level Warrior to 10, and then start a Mage class, when you level, you will receive the usual 1 - 3 hit points, but you will receive the full 15+ mana.

Equipment Changes

  • Potion colors have changed. (Version 4.48.0, checked in on 08/29/14)
  • The definition of Limited Item has changed. Significantly fewer items are now classified as "limited." The power of an area file-loaded item will vary. Items will not necessarily pop at full strength but can be popped to full with work!
  • Limited items will still purge if you do not spend time with them worn/wielded, out of safe. Being in a private or solitary room that others are unable to enter is no longer considered being "out of safe," since these rooms are functionally "quasi" safe.
  • Relics can be used by dual-class clerics.
  • Rangers can wield most magical 'random' weapons in the off hand. (Moderate Magic flagged and lower)
  • Enchant scrolls no longer save on logout (Version 4.51.0 | 10/30/14)

Area/Object Changes

  • There's a whole new continent that might not have been there when you visited last! Check out the Places page! And you can get to it by riding on a submarine!
  • There's a special quest mob named Cron'Tor, that appears randomly. He is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. He has unique mob specs and some very special equipment... He also hoards Lyricals :(
  • There are more No Spell rooms. There are also NO ITEM rooms.... (Version 4.31c, checked in on 04/07/12)

General Changes

  • Read FYI 17 -- the mud is running on a faster server, so the game may move faster than you expect!
  • There are new quests! AMMQs (Archmob Mini-Quest) and Scavenger Hunts get run pretty frequently. There are two types of scavenger hunts: Group hunts (started by a god+) or a Solo scavenger hunt. AMMQs must be started by a god+, and depending on running it, there are two formats: "Team Friendship" (no harming quest participants, kill stealing, weapon stealing, etc) or "Kill Your Neighbor / No Holds Barred" (Free for all, do as you like). When you win one, there is often (not always, but often) a prize in the form of a Quest Point Voucher!
    • WARNING! When an AMMQ is running, safe rooms are not safe _FOR ANYONE_, not just those participating in a quest. So be careful of hunting mobs or ghosts! Also, the AMMQ suspends certain room flags. So be careful! Note: Bards who die during an AMMQ do *NOT* lose their Lyricals, so it's safe for you to participate!
  • There are Awards! You can gain awards and ribbons and all sorts of things for both active (most LQs or scavenger hunts) and passive (time online, character age, etc) achievements, as well as some contributory awards (submitting score titles).
  • There are things called Quest Points! You can get them for winning quests of various sorts. You can save them up and buy things with them.
  • There are two wizlists: WIZLIST for active immortals and WIZLIST RETIRED for retired immortals. (Version 4.47.2, checked in on 08/21/14)
  • There's no more newspaper. (Version pre5-4.43.0, checked in on 05/12/14) The newsboy's corpse is a container, and oftentimes folks will stash helpful buffs for you in it. If there's anything in the corpse, it's up for grabs.
  • What classes are available for each race has had some minor changes. For example, Aara can now be rangers but not warriors. Dwarves cannot be thieves.

Command Changes

  • When creating a new character, use the GROWNUP command before level 1. It sets a bunch of user-friendly configs/settings.
  • Ran into a dragon? Gear all etched? You can now have it repaired at the Mountain of Knowledge. You can also get ID and IMP IDs as well as have No Drop items Liberated in the same section of the Mountain of Knowledge.
  • TFC now supports MXP, MSDP and extended colors.
  • When you sleep, you have a chance of having Dreams. (This code was created by Natilena in honor of TFC's 20th anniversary)
  • Cleric's Word of Recall is now perfect and will not fail.
  • Shaman have a new spell called Unfetter. Mages do not like it very much.
  • New command: Empty. You can Empty contents from one bag to another, or to the pit, or to the floor.
  • Curious what someone has been up to? Use the WHOIS command!
Lexie (V): Female Human 30 Warrior, 30 Thief, 30 Mage (Eff. 50)
Was created 2000-01-18 16:57:21, and has
   played 7mth 28dy 6hr 53min  (actual time online).
4024365 total experience earned.
Awarded a braid, 2 platinum stars, a bronze star, 3 medals, 2 badges, 16 pins, 26 ribbons.
Scored 120 mobmaster, 6143 mobhunt, and 15509 location quest points.
Scavenger hunts for the month  : 9th.
Scavenger hunts for the year   : 13th.
Scavenger hunts overall        : 21st.
PK ranking: 1st.
------------------------------- PK INFO -------------------------------
Has initiated 1739 attacks (849 justified, and 890 not justified).
Has been attacked 1626 times (919 justified, 707 not justified).
Is credited with 82 PKs (39 justified, 43 not justified).
Has been killed 39 times (21 justified, 18 not justified).
  • Want to know more about a zone? You can learn more about new zones by using the AREA (name of zone) command. For example: AREA HALL OF MEMORY:
{40 50} Cordir   Hall of Memory I       
Author(s): Cordir.
Install date: Sat Mar 22 2014.
Revision: 1.17.
Updated: Fri Sep 04 15 03:44:57.
It is said that the Tapestry is infinitely inclusive: the souls of
those who have lived, the events that shaped their lives, and each
of the places that were the focal point of those events. The Triat
Weaver is said to have traversed the Threads of time to draw forth
those most pivotal of places - the temples of the gods - and bring
them forth into the modern day. Along with those sacred spaces, an
avatar has been invited to stand as representative for their Deity.
Visitors seeing to reconnect with the ancient past are welcome and
invited to explore this living memorial with respect and caution.