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Official Information

Syntax:   AWARD BRIEF             - Shows your top awards
         AWARD BRIEF <character> - Shows target character's top awards
         AWARD DETAIL            - Detailed award list
         AWARD AVAILABLE         - Shows awards possibly available to you
         AWARD LEVEL <level>     - Set award info level

The award system shows your progress on meeting award goals, such as
game quests.  You can also see others' awards.

The available award info levels are:  ALL, INSIGNIA, RIBBON, PIN, BADGE,

Player Provided Information

Generally speaking, Badges tend to be things more related to out of character things like time duration or things you don't do explicitly, and Medals are for in-game actions, such as quests.

Award Award Description Notes Neophyte Novice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Elite Bronze Star Platinum Star
Mobmastery Skill in Mobmastery MM 90
Locator Skill in Location Quests
Hunter Skill in Mob Hunting
Finder Skill in Scavenger Hunts
Hunter Skill in Mob Hunting
All-Star Skill in All Above
  • Notes: For Finder, there are additional Ribbons for Grand Finder and Lord/Lady Finder.

Awards for Age & Playing Time

Character Creation Date

  • 1 Year Ribbon
  • 2 Year Ribbon
  • 3 Year Ribbon
  • 4 Year Ribbon
  • 5 Year Pin
  • 10 year Pin
  • 15 Year Pin
  • Ancients Badge

Playing Time

  • Septenary Ribbon
  • Moon Ribbon
  • Deuce Ribbon
  • Two-Bit Ribbon
  • Tango Badge

There are also "Patriarch" "Matriarch" and "Elder" braids for characters with the highest play hours for that gender and race.

Awards for Wealth:

  • One Meeeellion Ribbon
  • Quint-Million Ribbon
  • Mmmmmmmmmmillion Pin
  • Squared Penta Badge
  • Bronze Wealth Star
  • Platinum Wealth Star

Awards for Veneration

  • Regard Ribbon
  • Appreciation Ribbon: 450 Veneration Points - You receive 1000 experience points. / You have been awarded 10000 gold coins.
  • Admiration Pin: You receive 2000 experience points. / You have been awarded 25000 gold coins.
  • Esteem Pin: You receive 3000 experience points. You have been awarded 50000 gold coins.
  • Veneration Badge: 25,000 Veneration Points - You receive 4000 experience points. You have been awarded 75000 gold coins. You have been awarded 1 achievement point.
  • Bronze Veneration Star
  • Platinum Veneration Star

Awards for Miscellaneous

  • Trips 30 -- reaching level 50
  • Music Exec -- Submitting song titles for Bard Scores
  • Maximus Ribbon -- ??
  • "Live & Let Live" Badge -- ??
  • "Can't Touch This" Badge - Reaching Level 50 without being PK'd
  • Unaligned Army Insignia -- Staying Unaligned
  • Wanderer -- Worshiping more than 4 immortals. (No cash or exp award)
Well, there's Khore on your left
And there's Larry on your right
And Ginny is the one that that you'll be with tonight
And when she asks you which one you love the best
You tear open your shirt
You got 'Syla' on your chest
'Cause you're the wanderer

You have been awarded the Wanderer Ribbon!


During the testing phase of the Awards, Cordir assisted Tynian with typo fixes and confirmation that things were working as they should... this is posted with permission.

> award list tynian
Tynian has earned the following awards:

         Maximus Ribbon (x2)
Master of the Universe Medal (Immortal-Granted Medal)
   King of the World (Immortal-Granted Badge)
   Code Monkey (Immortal-Granted Badge)
         Founder Ribbon - Extra Special (Immortal-Granted Ribbon)
         Founder Ribbon (Immortal-Granted Ribbon) (x2)

Tynian: I made up some things for testing. :P

Cordir: *grin* Those are fun
Cordir: you should keep them