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Status Inactive
Race Elf (Vampire)
Classes Mage
Followed Cordir

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WHO Lists:

Elf [       Ma:13       ] Vampris child of fate         10/31/2002
Elf [       Ma:13       ] Vampris child of fate         01/21/2003
Elf [       Ma:13       ] Vampris child of fate         09/11/2003
Elf [       Ma:13       ] Vampris child of fate         11/06/2003

Character History:

Vampris is a young Vampire who has come to despise her own being. She was born in Malenest but never knew her mother. Her earliest recollection was of a stark hunger. A thirst so strong it would drive the most calm insane. A thirst not for water, a hunger not for meat, but for blood. Raw blood from the vein.

Many a hapless victim fell prey to her sharp fangs in Malenest. Each time she did so, it felt as though part of her was dying. She despises what she is, but knows she cannot stop. Though she knew what she was doing was wrong, she never felt much compassion for her victims. The people in her town feared her. She was an outcast, constantly assaulted by any that saw her, simply because of what she is. Tis hard to find compassion for ones who treat you as such.

She came into the mystic arts by a chance encounter with a Person calling herself Katrana. She had a pair of hounds, one of which offered itself freely. Vampris was reluctant at first knowing how much pain the feeding caused her victims. She knew the look of the lifeless corpses. Vampris couldn't imagine anything wanting it. Worse she wasn't sure she would be able to stop. Either way, the hunger overtook her and she fed on the blood of the canine.

Something strange happened though, she was able to stop, the hound didn't die. It was weakened, but Vampris had earned to control the urges. Further, the blood of an immortals hound seemed to quell the thirst quite a bit more than that of her regular victims. Vampris spent quite some time pondering the incident. During her time of introspect, she found that she was beginning to be able to do things normal people couldn't. She could wound enemies with a thought, or surround herself in a protective shield.

Vampris decided to continue her studies of the mystic arts, hoping that one day she may use them to purge herself of her desires. She is driven by the desire to be "normal".



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Personal Timeline:

05/26/2002: Clue has an interesting encounter with Vampris.
10/10/2002: Vampris ascends to Ma:10 and undertakes the Chosen of Fate entry quest.
10/13/2002: Vampris joins the Chosen of Fate.
10/16/2002: Vampris ascends to Ma:13. Vampris is killed by a Delving guard but CR's herself.
12/06/2002: Vampris' history is added to the Threads of Life on Cordir's website.

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