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Created April 1997
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Half-Elf Camp
Classes Warrior
Followed Syla

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

04/16/1997   Hel [ Ma: 3 Wa: 9       ] Tyrance Syla's Little Annoyance   (From a log provided by Natilena in her mortal days)
04/29/1997   Hel [ Th:11 Wa:12 Ma: 9 ] Tyrance Syla's Little Annoyance
06/13/1997   Hel [ Wa:20 Th:16 Ma:20 ] Tyrance Syla's Little Annoyance
Date Unknown Hel [ Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Tyrance Superman of Mischief
01/20/1998   Hel [ Wa:28 Ma:28 Th:28 ] Tyrance, Black Knight of the Conclave.  (from a log provided by Corri - level loss due to 3x conversion)

Character History:

Historical Snippet: 05/30/1997

Tyrance cants (in common) 'how come no ne told me tripling is so hard'.
Tyrance cants (in common) '=('.

Tokugawa cants (in common) 'heh'.

Eddy cants (in common) 'did you ask'.

Tyrance cants (in common) 'yeah'.
Tyrance cants (in common) 'and peple told me not to do it'.
Tyrance cants (in common) ':P'.

Tokugawa cants (in common) 'laff'.

Tyrance cants (in common) 'hey tokugawa give me your eq willya?'.
Tyrance cants (in common) 'want to actually hit something'.

Tokugawa cants (in common) 'heh'.

(some time later that day)

Tyrance cants (in common) 'heheI plagued duergars on accidenty'.

Ptarchyzk cants (in common) 'oops.'.

Tyrance cants (in common) 'wlel I think I did'.

Ptarchyzk cants (in common) 'now.. go accidentally do it to the canyon too.'.

Tyrance cants (in common) 'hehehe'.

Ptarchyzk cants (in common) 'and don't fester onm me...'.


  • Tyrance was one of the characters included in the description Soulcrush used to deliberately kick in people's triggers: Tyrance DISARMS you!
  • Tyrance was the only person who ever killed Katrana while she was mortal.
  • When Cordir started collecting info on level 50s, it was reported to her by Majere that "tyrance did 50 in 502 hrs," which for the time, was very, very fast.

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Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

  • As of October 26, 1997 (3x conversion), Tyrance was level 30/30/30 and worshiped Syla.
  • As of January 31, 1998, Tyrance was level 28/28/28 and worshiped Molo. He would have lost levels due to 2x to 3x conversion.
  • Kaern killed by Tyrance on Sat Feb 14 98 17:59:24. (provided by Kaern's Who Just list)
  • Clue killed by Tyrance on Fri Mar 13 98 17:36:52. (provided by Clue's Who Just list)
  • 04/07/1998 - Tyrance is deleted

Player Information:

Tyrance was one of the 'Hawaii Crew.'