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Led By Foolkiller
Holy Symbol the Trinity's Symbol of Trust
Alignment Good
Attendants Robert (03/98)
Future Immortal Followers Sajkald
Ordained Mortals Celeborn
Temple Foolkiller's Temple

Temple Key: the Key To Infinity
Temple Altar: The All-Seeing Eye of Eternity, encased in a crystal orb, rests upon a marble altar at the far eastern wall.
Look Altar:
Your mind is suddenly filled with visions of the past, present and
future, you see lives lived, to yet be lived, and that are living now, you
hear voices and sounds of years gone by, years to come, and years that are.
You find yourself falling deeper and deeper into the depths of the
All-Seeing Eye, it's seductive spell weaving about you, beckoning you.
Suddenly Viskaya shakes you hard, turning your gaze from the Eye to
her own. You see her lips moving but you don't hear any sound, until at
least you hear her calling your name.

Viskaya says (in common) "I'm sorry, I always forget to tell people not
to look for long at the Eye. It was given to Foolkiller by his makers, and
is not meant for mortal gaze. It is his altar of worship, and where he
gathers his information regarding the world."

Look Symbol:
This symbol tells you you are now a trusted member of the Cosmic Trinity.
Looking upon it you see it has no distinguishable form, but seems to mold
itself into something your mind can comprehend. There are 3 colored dots
on it. YELLOW: The Order of Infinity GREEN: The Order of Eternity BLACK:
The Order of Oblivion. If you wear this you know you have earned. For
only those who quest for this symbol are allowed to wear it.

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