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Official Information

Thieves are specialists in stealth and cunning, living by their wits more than by their strength. They shun metallic armor and shields because the weight limits their movement and dexterity. Weapons that pierce, like daggers, are their favorites.

An aarakocra, an elf, a gnome, a sahuagin, a half-elf, a halfling, or a human can be a Thief.

Skill List

Thief skills and/or spells:

 Hide               is at level  1  Sneak              is at level  1
Common is at level 1 Pick lock is at level 2
Dodge is at level 3 Peek is at level 3
Dwarven is at level 3 Elven is at level 3
Gnomish is at level 3 Halfling is at level 3
Aarakocra is at level 3 Giant is at level 3
Minotaur is at level 3 Ogre is at level 3
Sahuagin is at level 3 Backstab is at level 5
Blynd is at level 5 Steal is at level 5
Cant is at level 5 Kobold is at level 5
Goblin is at level 5 Orc is at level 5
Info is at level 5 Parry is at level 8
Disarm is at level 10 Inscribe is at level 10
Thoras is at level 10 Troll is at level 10
Scan is at level 10 Engage is at level 12
Tracking is at level 12 Sphere use is at level 13
Retrieve is at level 14 Drow is at level 15
Info2 is at level 15 Second attack is at level 18
Kick is at level 20 Info3 is at level 20
Third attack is at level 25

Player-Supplied Information

When the class was first introduced, Slash wrote an article about the new skills and abilities: So You Wanna Be A Thief?

(From the TFC for Newbies website created by Nyx in 2005)
Thieves are not as powerful at dealing out damage as warrior or rangers, but they have many, many tricks up their sleeves. In addition to their abilities to sneak and hide, they are also able to steal from both mobs and other players, to pick locks, to use cant (a special thief language), and to listen in on conversations all over the world. Like rangers, thieves rely on their high dexterity to deftly move out of the way of attacks, rather than use metal armor. Too, when thieves initiate an attack they can often use a backstab, which is an attack that grows more and more devastating the bigger the thief becomes. Backstabbing can only be done with piercing weapons.

Thieves have the added benefit of learning how to use scrolls around level 11.

The primary stat for thieves is dexterity.
The secondary stat for thieves is charisma.

In earlier versions of the mud, there were a series of wandering thieves. They were fairly high level, constantly sneaking and hiding, and they made off with a lot of gold. They were: Dantredun, Molaq, Atienne, Gorna, Alann, Mallus, Largo, Coeur, karmyn, Eeanna, Ninon, Monsun, Gillaume, Sargent, Nalf, Feggestad, Luigi, and Enstaad.

Rumor and Speculation

None at this time.