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Official Information

Halflings are short and plump-looking. Luck, combined with their quickness, has allowed them to flourish despite the fact that they often don't have the strength, or ability to run far from the trouble their lack of wisdom gets them into. Known for their lack of interest in adventure, their love of fine food and drink, their love of storytelling and their ever-present pipes, Halflings are well liked by all.

A Halfling can be a thief, a cleric, a warrior or a bard.

Halflings live in EmDeeVille in the south, Hovelton in the north, or in Braddlebury on the Outland Frontier.

Player-Supplied Information

The History of the Halflings by Nayr (original location http://www.fastq.com/~rholmes/half.html)

The First Halflings In 1110 YL, Elves came to Dwarvenhold. The dwarves listened eagerly to the Elves' stories of other lands and worlds. A group of Dwarves formed, some of them dreamers, impressed by the Elves and their very different life, some of the adventurers and fortune hunters, impressed by the stories of new mountains. The group returned with the Elves to Loth-Llorien. They stay in Loth-Llorien for a time, learning, forming relationships, and hanging out. In 1203 YL, many of the Elves decided to return to the southern continent. Many Elves stayed in Loth-LLorien, leaving the Seven Ships short of crew. When the Elves returned to the southern continent one of the Seven Ships carried Dwarves. They stayed at Cillidellia for ten years, then in 1213 YL they set out on their own. The group of Dwarves and Elves traveled up what would one day be named the Tiber. They arrived at the banks of the future Loch Raven, and discussed their plans. The group split there, the dreamers, and their Elven spouses, wanting to settle, the colonists and adventurers wanting to head into the mountains to the west, to start new mines. This new group of Dwarves and Elves decided to set up a home, inspired by their time with the Elves, and with the fact that they are so far from anything they have known. With this in mind, they begin to explore.

EmDeeVille The Dwarves and Elves continued up the Tiber-to-be, deeper into the continent. Upon reaching a fork, they chose to travel downstream again, down this new river. Eventually they came to a beautiful lake, calm and quiet. It was near this lake, which they named Lake Stillwater, that they decided to build. In 1214 YL they dedicated the town of EmDeeVille. The homes they built were very different from Dwarvenhold, making burrows instead of homes built in caverns. Children were born to them, half Elven and half Dwarven. These children were the first true Halflings. As the centuries went by, the settlement's language evolved into a blend of Elven and Dwarven, as did its culture. In time the true Elves outlived their Dwarven spouses, and one by one followed their Elven wanderlust and left the village. In 2500 YL, Humans came up the river, which the Halflings had named the In'Zerre. The Halflings met them with goodnatured friendlieness, but were wary. They soon realized they were right to be wary of these Humans, and though they traded with them, they were careful never to allow them into their city without supervision. They had seen the Minotaur slaves kept by the Humans, and they felt little sorrow when Altibia was destroyed by the Evil One in 2895 YL, some 450 years after the Humans first came to EmDeeVille. About 300 years after the destruction of Altibia, Humans came again. These Humans founded New Altibia, and were quite different from the previous inhabitants of Altibia. They came up the river without slaves, speaking a markedly different, though similar, language. They came bearing gifts and hoping for trade, having discovered their existence from old surviving records. The Halflings began trade, and have continued very mild trade between the two in the 500 years since then.

Bandobras Took and the Grey Vortex Not long after this, Bandobras Took was born, one of those rare Halflings who enjoys adventure. He explored the mysterious vortex, mastering its secrets. Through luck and skill he found a beautiful place, near a river, on the edge of a forest. He told his people of it, and some among them expressed a desire to see it. He took them through, and they so enjoyed it that they wished to live there. In 3569 YL, they moved in to stay. Though the first few homes were mere shacks and shanties, and they called it Hovelton because of that, the town grew quickly to standards of Halfling comfort. With the death of Bandobras Took, travel through the vortex was forgotten, as no others had cared to master its complexities.

Rumor and Speculation

  • It's rumored that halflings are a bit too fond of their 'leaf'...

Famous halflings