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Official Information

This skill gives you the instinct to retrieve your weapons if you become
disarmed. (*automatic once learned*)

Additionally, you can set your retrieve preference(s). Without a retrieve
preference, you are likely to retrieve any weapon from the floor, whether it
is yours or just one laying around. By setting your retrieve preference(s),
you will attempt to retrieve a specific weapon. Usage is as follows:

   RETRIEVE                    Shows your current retrieve preference(s)
RETRIEVE clear Clears your retrieve preference(s)
RETRIEVE <keyword> For non-Rangers, sets your retrieve preference
RETRIEVE primary <keyword> For Rangers, sets your preference for your
primary weapon
RETRIEVE offhand <keyword> For Rangers, sets your preference for your
offhand weapon

Retrieve is available to:
Clerics  : level 25. Any Alignment.
Thieves  : level 14. Any Alignment.
Warriors  : level 7. Any Alignment.
Rangers  : level 7. Any Alignment.
Thugs  : level 20. Any Alignment.

Player-Supplied Information