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The Templars
Led By Dirkstrom
Holy Symbol the Holy Cross of the Templars
Temple Dirkstrom's Temple

Temple Key: the Baton of Righteousness
Temple Altar: A mithril sword has been thrust into the amythest dias.
Look Altar:
The altar is a large amythest dias with a huge mithril bladed sword
thrust point first into it. The seven foot blade is capped with an
ornate hilt, intricately shaped with platinum and gold into the Holy
Cross of the Templars. Topping the hilt is a gigantic diamond glowing
with a soothing radiance, its power subtle but almost physical.

* The Templars were disbanded upon Dirkstrom's Retirement.

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Additional Notes

  • Per a WIZLIST, Dirkstrom was a DemiGod on 12/25/96, but was Retired by 01/1998.