Regend Algaunt

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Regend Algaunt
Created 1995/1996
Status Inactive

Mud Contributions:

Current Description: 1996

Regend Algaunt stands before you proudly, with defiance in his
expression.  He is tall, well-muscled, and wields his weapon with
impressive skill and experience.  He has a large scar that reaches
from his left cheek to his left eye, which is now covered by a silk
patch.  His armor is a pure white in color, and quite well kept,
as it gleams in the light.  Upon his shield and war banner are
the symbols of his religion, a rose that is the sign of Kalten.
Regend is in perfect health.

Regend is using:
<used as light>     (Magical) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger>    (Magical) the brittle platinum ring
<worn on finger>    (Magical) the aged peridot ring
<worn around neck>  (Magical) the glorious star ruby amulet
<worn around neck>  (Glowing) a holy symbol
<worn on body>      (Magical) a suit of plate
<worn on head>      a blue steel helm and visor
<worn on legs>      a pair of steel plate leggings
<worn on feet>      a pair of reinforced boots
<worn on hands>     a pair of chain mail glovesa
<worn on arms>      (Magical) a pair of plate sleeves
<worn as shield>    a metal tower shield
<worn about body>   the white pelt of a yeti
<worn about waist>  (Magical) the silver girth
<worn around wrist> (Magical) a plate bracer
<worn around wrist> (Glowing) a platinum bracelet
<wielded>           a mace
<held>              a lock pick

WHO Lists:

01/24/1996 : Hum [ Cl:14             ] Regend the dishonored one

(Blue Aura) Regend is here.

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