Dirkstrom's Temple

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You have just entered the Temple of Dirkstrom, Grandmaster of the Templar Order. This is a sanctuary for all who are honorable and noble, a bastion of Good. It is dedicated to the defeat of all that is Evil. Here all who are deserving may ask for aid and receive it. The grand hall of the Templars is constructed of large blocked masonry, the wall rising up to a domed ceiling covered with a mural. The floor is a polished white marble flecked with gold. Three rows of ornately carved mahogany pews precede the great altar of the Templars. A golden basin of holy water sits on an alabaster pedestal before the altar. The wall to the east is carved into an unfurled scroll, the title readable from here "the Orders of the Grandmaster". The west wall is honeycombed with niches and alcoves. Behind the altar, up three steps of a dais, is a pair of matching thrones. They sit in front of two finely crafted statues in alcoves on either side of a hanging tapestry. The plaintive cry of a Siamese cat calls your attention to the two cats that sit so comfortably under the thrones.

(BlueAura) A mithril sword has been thrust into the amethyst dais.

Holy Symbol: the Holy Cross of the Templars
Long Desc: A simple golden cross lies here.

Look symbol cross A simple golden cross with blunted ends. Inlaid in the center is a diamond sword glowing brightly with divine radiance.

Look altar sword dais mithril amethyst
The altar is a large amethyst dais with a huge mithril bladed sword thrust point first into it. The seven foot blade is capped with an ornate hilt, intricately shaped with platinum and gold into the Holy Cross of the Templars. Topping the hilt is a gigantic diamond glowing with a soothing radiance, its power subtle but almost physical.

Look North:
Surrounding the archway out is a wall covered with indentations with small shelves in front. A large plaque states "The Heros of the Templars". Now all alcoves are empty but perhaps you might be able to change that!

Look East:
The east wall has been carved into a huge unrolled scroll, the words of power glowing deeply from within the rock:
1) The Grandmaster's word is Law
2) Evil is to be opposed at all times! Remember, Evil is evil by choice!
3) Aid of all good is required unless they aid evil
4) Items of power in the hands of Evil will be used against the Orders of Good - Relieve them of their power!
5) The PK'ing of Evil is allowed at will. Evil is the enemy!
6) The PK'ing of Neutrals is allowed only if they actively aid Evil
7) The Pk'ing of Good is only in self defense or defense of another Order member.
8) Our "Paladins of the Night", the thieves of our Order are to be assisted in separating all non-believers of their items. This is done to weaken our enemies and strengthen our righteous cause. Remember....this is the only non-combative option open - USE IT!
9) This Order, which will Directly oppose Evil, will have many enemies. You must gain allies in the other orders of Good and Group! Cooperation with the other Orders is imperative in the common goal of defeating evil.
10) Surviving/fleeing to fight another day is not cowardly! We are lawful good not lawful stupid!
11) Conduct yourselves with dignity and honor, you represent the Order of the Templars and ME....You must not tarnish either name.
12) Do not let anyone define "Good Actions" except your Grandmaster. Many will not agree with our methods and will voice their displeasure, please listen to their plight and if they are Evil......Slay them again!

Look South:
The south wall is approached by going up three steps to the matching thrones. They are made of a hand polished teak, upholstered in a blue velvet. Adorning the high backs, inlaid in gems, is the holy symbol of the Order, The Holy Crosses. Flanking the thrones in alcoves on raised pedestals are a couple of statues. One is of my former Lord and Master, the Great god, Lord Jaxxon. He stands upon a raised pedestal, looking down upon all that transpires, a majestic smile on his carven visage. The other statue is carved from a solid piece of white marble with a delicate style representing ultimate beauty. The perfect lips are inlaid ruby, the eyes the finest catseye topaz, the lithe figure recreated. The carven image is of the Radiant Lady Catlinda, the wife and queen of Dirkstrom. Tho the statue pales in comparison to the real thing it is still a wondrous work of art. Hanging between the two statues is a tapestry, its beauty calling for a closer look.

Look West:
The west wall is covered in small niches filled with foodstuffs and weapons, barrels of water and kegs of arrows, fresh bandages and a few flasks of stout brandy. Everything needed by a besieged army. Mixed thru out the wall are alcoves furbished with great soft sleeping furs and a single candle of meditation. Here a warrior or priest may rest up or contemplate their relationship with the spheres of existence.

Look Up:
The mural on the ceiling is of the night sky of the northern hemisphere of the realms. All the constellations are clear, the stars twinkling, the planets creeping by and a wayward shooting star streaking across the darkness. As you stare, imperceptibly at first, you notice a slight movement, then a speck of light appears, it quickly grows in size. Suddenly the object is identifiable as an angelic warrior, The Solar. As his gaze rests on you for a moment you feel all has just been revealed to him, a quick look over his shoulder and away he flies, back to the heavens and his immortal masters.

Look South:
The floor is a highly polished slab of white marble flecked with gold that reflects the light in sparkles.

Look basin:
A golden basin sits upon an alabaster pillar carved into four cherubs holding it up. A sparkling Holy Water, brewed with a touch of righteousness, is glistening from within. Beware its touch if your heart is not pure!

Look tapestry:
The tapestry behind the thrones is woven with vivid golds and greens on a deep blue cloth. The borders are a repeating pattern of all the symbols of Good while the central motif is of the angelic armies of Good descending from the heavens. The Solars, the Planetars, the Devas and their ilk arriving to do battle with evil-kind on the mortal realms.

Look cat cats:
A matching pair of beautiful Siamese cats look at you with indifference, simple yawn in your direction and they go back to their preening.