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Skarfester (I)
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Warrior
Followed Zarous

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [. .. .Paladin. .. .] Skarfester, Look Ma no hands....OPPPPS <Adv>           04/26/1999
Hum [ Wa:15 Th:15 Ma:15 ] Skarfester, Can you trip like I do? -=adv=-            Date Unknown

Character History:

Story of Zarous's Paladin


  • Skarfester appears in The Brawl In The Hall as one of the Paladins standing against the Shamen, and was killed by Huey, the corpse dry-sacc’ed.

Player Provided Information:

Regarding the Kantor Vs White Dragon Adventure:

Skarfester, my paladin adventuring buddy, died in that fight...I barely survived. We were all pumped up from killing a few pirates on the Longship... So we figured we'd go explore the dragon lair. Famous last words. One of them killed the other and we _still_ almost died...against one of them.

If Skarfester had gotten it (the 2x HP/Mana bonus), he would have been the next closest thing to Dove. At level 50, he'd have somewhere in the 850 - 900 HP range.
If there’s one thing I remember about Skarfester, it was his utter disregard for personal safety. This was a time in which something – anything – in every slot, and a decent weapon, meant you were swinging Demolish at his level and class. Even still, death was avoided for pride reasons. Skarfester didn’t really subscribe to that. Dying wasn’t his fear. Perhaps it was inaction.

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