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Status Deleted
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Followed Madman

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Temple Area: August 1, 1997:
As you look down into the desolate pit, you wonder what could have created such a lonesome and despair filled hole. Straining to look you see the lifeforces of Iggy, Jander, Slayer, Oxide, Farin, Sajkald, and Kiki wracked in pain and eternal torment begging for release. Sadly this is the price you pay for overstepping your powers and offending those that created this universe.


  • Per a Darkmoon trivia contest, held on February 15, 2001, Jander was the first Mortal to become a DemiGod. (Hornblower got the question correct.)
  • Jander appears in Pol's Tale.

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