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Created Oct 22, 2000
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Shaman
Followed Kerriariadne

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Sh: 7       ] Marduk the Boy                                                     10-28-2000
Hum [       Sh: 7       ] Marduk the necromancer of blue.                                    10-28-2000
Hum [    Ra: 4 Sh:13    ] Marduk the haunted.                                                10-01-2001
Hum [    Ra: 8 Sh:13    ] Marduk hates snow dog                                              10-10-2001 
Hum [    Ra: 8 Sh:13    ] Marduk the goatherd. *Pink*                                        10-11-2001 
Hum [    Ra: 8 Sh:13    ] Marduk Enkidu, Pink king of water animals.                         10-15-2001 
Hum [    Ra: 8 Sh:13    ] Marduk Enkidu, Goat boy!                                           10-15-2001 
Hum [    Ra: 9 Sh:13    ] Marduk quests into the darkness...                                 10-17-2001 
Hum [    Ra:11 Sh:13    ] Marduk Master of the spooky dance of Darkness.                     10-26-2001 
Hum [    Ra:12 Sh:13    ] Marduk Enkidu spins through the darkness, delerious.               11-02-2001 
Hum [    Sh:14 Ra:15    ] Marduk, Malevolent Necromancer of the Dark Darkness                11-17-2001 
Hum [    Sh:14 Ra:15    ] Marduk Enkidu, Black Knight of the Darkness.                       11-18-2001 

Character History:

My story is a sordid one, Lady Cordir.

I was born in Midgard. I grew up there and lived happily for my early life. I cannot remember my father, except that his name was Roland. My mother abandoned me to him. He was a Cityguard.

I do not know what became of him, but that is probably unimportant.

What is important is that I was a pure spirit, and I acted that way for the longest time.

My memory is shiftless, I'll explain why in a moment, but I do not know what turned me to darkness... But my path eventually led to a monster who had been dead for centuries, and the goddess he had enslaved, whether she knew it or not. Molo attracted my attention with his raw, malformed, horrific power. I needed power to avenge the imaginary wrongs the world had inflicted upon me.

But I was not good enough for him. And he turned me away, laughing, and threw me to his inferior Asia. She snatched me up eagerly, and I followed her into the nightmare she'd created for herself. I became a favourite of hers. I killed many. These are shameful stories, the ones I can remember. And someday they will all be clear to me and I can atone.

I became one of her shamanic guard. She had me equipped to grow in strength, I flew from place to place, killing. My spirit became darker and darker. .. and my bitterness grew with time. Such is the way with Nash.

Then I fell in love. Then the girl I loved murdered me. And it was a final death.

Or so I thought.

I drifted through the Web of souls until time was nothing and I did not remember my name. I watched cities rise and fall. Centuries passed. Then a power greater than I called me back into the web that is life. And then I beheld the weaver and my sorrow, my hurt, were gone.

And I only longed to be alive again.

[ 0] Cordir: Lost Links = (

Wed Sep 26 22:23:28 2001
To: marduk

This evening, I was having a number of problems with my link.
The last that I saw, I attempted to go to one of Mine who was
also having link trouble.
To my sight, I never arrived in his presence.
After losing link, I was unable to reconnect.
I was told that you worshipped me and that I did not respond.
I was unaware of your act of devotion, and would never knowingly
ignore such a pledge.
I must, however, inform you that I do not accept any who do not
first complete the Petitioner's Quest found in my Temple by casting
your gaze DOWN at the SIGLA on the floor. Additionally, I request
That those who bear blood taint absolve their debts to society
before giving pledge.
I am more than willing to discuss entry into the Chosen with you,
But please know, that much is asked of those who would seek entry.

I remain, the devoted servant of the Triat,
Cordir, Weaver, Ebon Bard



  • While Marduk's history refers to worshipping Asia, there's no evidence in WHO list records that he ever did.
  • There was another Marduk that created in 2003. It is believed they were different people.
  • Marduk initially quested to join Fate, but decided not to.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

[ 9] Marduk: My demands From wisdom.
Tue Nov 20 13:56:59 2001
To followers of: Kerriariadne
Lately the Wisdom brats have been in my leveling areas so I've attacked them.
As you all know, I am fairly insane and whatnot. I Have been chasing the wisdom brats for a bit now
A few hours I guess. Tinman attacked me...So i am a bit upset....hrm...yes...
But at any rate I will make these demands of wisdom...
1.) They surrender Bridget as my wife immediately.
2.) They Sacrifice Bobobibi and Tinman to our dark Lord Kerriariadne.
Muhaha. I am now a cartoon super villain. I would like permission to post these demands.
What? What is my threat, you ask?
I will never stop slinging annoying catch phrases like "with a vengeance!" and "this time it's personal!"
-- Marduk Enkidu.

[ 10] Marduk: One last demand for wisdom
Tue Nov 20 13:58:46 2001
To followers of: Kerriariadne
And they need to stay the heck out of my museum. Brats!

[ 11] Marduk: Blah...nevermind.
Tue Nov 20 14:12:29 2001
To followers of: Kerriariadne
I will not issue my demands. I go quitely into the night.

[ 12] Marduk: But maybe....
Tue Nov 20 14:17:15 2001
To followers of: Kerriariadne
Well. Kerri, just tell me if I can or not. Because if I can, I will. :)

Player Information:

Marduk was from Canada.