House T'Sarran

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House T'Sarran
Created Pre-1997
Status Inactive
Leader Jyslin T'Sarran
Group Type Family

Roles within the Group/Hierarchy:

Group Members:

Matriarch: Jyslin
Patriarch: Trap

Naturally Born: Lysanthir
Adopted: Gregar, Aslan

WHO Lists:

Hel [ Wa:16 Cl:20       ] Jyslin Tsarran, Myronides' Lady of NATURE's Dance         12/03/1996
Elf [     Cl:23 Ra:25   ] Myronides Tsarran: Avatar of Nature [Jyslin]              October 1996
Elf [ Wa:17 Ma:17       ] Lysanthir Tsarran           (Knowledge)                   04/29/1997
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30       ] Trap: Tiger Right Paw, Lord Sturdivant {Jyslin's}         10/18/1997
Hlf [ Wyrm's Handmaiden ] Aslan Tsarran-Napei, Oathed Chosen of Fate                11/06/2002
Aar [    Wa:20 Sh:30    ] Gregar T'Sarran has returned from the void *fate*         06/18/2006

Group Beliefs/Goals/Objectives:

Group Method For Achieving Beliefs/Goals/Objectives:

Group History/Lineage:


Player Provided Information:

Timeline of Events: