League of Nidea

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The League of Nidea
Led By Grimace
Alignment Good
Ordained Mortals None

Following Description / FINFO:

Grimace, leader of The League of Nidea, Greater Power of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Good.
Followers may not attack one another

Brief following description:
The League of Nidea is a lawful good following that is divided into 3
divisions, each having a different focus in the following. The three divisions
are the Force, the Trade Commission, and the Magi. The Force is the
militaristicly focused division, which is adept in the art of fighting. The
Trade Commission is focused on the wealth of the following and trade issues with
other followings. The focus of the Magi is the use of their magic and wisdom
for the good of the following and of the realm. The three divisions work
together for the common good under the leadership of the 3 division leaders and

Visit the webpage for more information: http://www.geocities.com/grimace_tfc


Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes