Defenders of the Sun

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Defenders of the Sun
Led By Tiax
Holy Symbol a bronze sundial cloak clasp
Alignment Neutral
PK Model Sword
Ordained Mortals Riella
Temple Within The Light

Following Description / FINFO:

Tiax, leader of the Defenders of the Sun, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral.
Brief following description:
The Defenders are a close knit group of adventurers who dare to take a risk and do cunning quests. To get in one should prove themselves to Tiax, or the General of Challenges. The Defenders are expected to help each other and seek out adventures. Tiax will help them in any way he can.

Following Concept

The Defenders are an army, protecting the world from all dark. They aren't blinded by the fake truth, cause they are in direct contact with the purest of all, the sun. The sun guides their path and will conquer all who oppose.

In practical sense this means that the Defenders keep mostly to themselves. They form a close small army of dedicated and trained soldiers, who know each other. The army will be on campaigns mostly. Lord Tiax takes on all new assignments and then he'll try to get his soldiers to do the job in time.

Jobs that the Lord will consider are quests to save the damsel in distress or to save the world from an evil monster.

Following Rules:

  • I want you to have fun, or if something bothers you, then first speak to Tiax or his General.
  • I want you to obey orders. Anyone in the following that's higher in rank will have to be obeyed! Rank isn't directly linked to level so keep an eye on the board note/webpage on who is which rank. If you think someone is abusing his rank then contact me.
  • Abuse of rank will be punished severely. Depending on the abuse your rank will be taken, but also getting an item for the abused might be a proper punishment.
  • I want people to help each other. We are a close group and I want everyone to feel welcome.
  • Following rules will result in gaining ranks, not following rules will result in losing ranks. Usually I'll be visible, but sometimes I'll peek on you when I'm invis. Be sure you are the same when I'm vis as when I'm invis cause I'll know!
  • You are allowed to trade with anyone but those designated Eclipses.
  • Eclipses can be attacked at will.
  • Info about Eclipses online can be freely given away, this also means that no info from a non aggressive following can be given!
  • Group whenever you can, for safety and to help each other to learn the realm.
  • Please use any public channel in an appropriate and decent manner (no smack talk!). You can and you are encouraged to gratz people on achievements they made (levels, mobmasters).
  • Matters concerning other followings are dealt with through me. This means you can chat with other immortals, but if you have trouble with an immortal or a follower of that immortal you come to me first. If deals are made of which I was not informed I might make it hard for you to keep up that deal.


What are the challenges?
The challenges are a way to prove how qualified you are as a Defender. Challenges are organised to gain ranks, or to win prizes. Winning a challenge is also an entry requirement to join the Defenders.

What will a challenge be like?
Challenges will be announced at least twice a week by Tiax or the General of Challenges. You can enter a challenge on the day of the challenge itself or earlier by sending a message to Tiax. When the challenge is held you have to be online, as will all the other participants. Tiax then will explain what you will have to do to gain his favor. This challenge won't usually take more then half an hour, and to keep it like that Tiax will want you to be online a bit before the challenge actually takes place.

How to win a challenge?
This is rather simple. Be the first to solve a challenge, and you win. If there are a lot of participants, the first two or three will be eligible for entry, ranks or prizes.

I failed to win a challenge, can I still get in?
Sure, you just try again next challenge. You can try as many times as you want, as long as you still fill the requirements.

I am only level 10 and really want to get in!
Tiax understands it's troublesome for lower level players to do a tough challenge, so sometimes in stead of contesting at the challenge the participators have to work together to gain entrance. Apprentices have to do a Challenge to become a real Defender though, once they reach effective level 20.


Achilleus, Aveline, Azriath, Balthazar, Barrow, Bayne, Blanca, Borok, Brosh, Clytemnestra, Cyan, Dokimion, Dolomite, Draco, Drago, Dunestripe, Factor, Fantasia, Flier, Gant, Gedix, Grale, Heartsbane, Joey, KatVina, Kiko, Menion, Micah, Miressa, Mongrel, Mystronomius, Neon, Qua, Riella, Roja, Rone, Silvanus, Simalrion, Stalkr, Syne, Taghk, Thaonner, Total, Traume, Trystan, Tweedle, Wisteria, Xandi

Requirements for Entry

(Taken with permission from the Defenders of the Sun website

  • You need to be off level 10 effectively. In rare cases Tiax will allow you in before reaching that level.Below level 20, you'll be an apprentice. You become a defender only once you've reached level 20.
  • To enter you have to conquer a first challenge. This won't be a standard quest but will be announced by Tiax or his second in command, the General. Each challenge will involve at least two contestants. Details will be explained when the challenge is given.
  • You need a good standing in the TFC community or you won't be eligible to participate in the challenge.
  • You need to be dressed well, or not even try the challenge. However, if you die on a challenge, don't expect help recovering your corpse.
  • You need a fitting description. I won't decide what's good or bad, but I will decide if it's fitting or not. Lengthy ascii graphics, or attempts at abusing triggers are not fitting.

Additional Notes