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Official Information

Player Provided Information

STR = Strength - A rating of how strong you are.
INT = Intelligence - A rating of your learning capacity.
WIS = Wisdom - A rating of your judgment.
DEX = Dexterity - A rating of your agility.
CON = Constitution - A rating of your health.
CHR = Charisma - A rating of your influence.
LUC = Luck - A rating of how random events affect you (for and against).

Just because your stats are at MAX, does not mean you don't need to wear any of the stat. Racial maximums for each stat vary from race to race (see help race<attribute> for racial comparisons) so depending on your stat rating (LOW, BAVG, AVG, AAVG, HIGH or MAX) you will need to adjust the amount of a given stat you wear. As an easy point of reference, all humans at MAX in any stat require 7 for "perfect" (the maximum amount of that stat your character can wear while still gaining bonuses from that stat).

When looking at the help race<attribute> charts, an easy way to figure out how much YOU need to wear is by comparing with humans. Each spot lower than humans will require one more of the stat at MAX, and the inverse for races higher on the chart. Finally, once you've determined how much you would need to wear at MAX, you can work backwards adding on stat points required for each level below MAX you are.

Racial Max Stats

(From Corri's TFC Wiki - PLEASE NOTE: this data is from several years ago and may not reflect current code.)

Summary Charts – Racial MAXimums This chart provides a summary of the Racial MAX of each stat (without equipment).

Aar 16 19 21 16 18 18 18 Can Fly
Dwa 19 18 16 20 17 20 17 Rumored +da
Elf 17 20 20 16 18 17 20 Faster Mana Recovery
Gia 21 17 16 19 19 18 17 Rumored +mr
Gno 18 20 17 19 20 16 18 Rumored +da
Hel 17 19 19 17 21 18 19 +1 train
Hlf 17 17 20 17 21 19 19 Thief Affinity
Hum 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 +2 trains
Min 19 19 17 20 14 15 16 Rumored trip less
Ogr 21 16 16 22 15 15 15 Rumored +dmg to non ogres
Sah 17 20 21 16 18 18 17 Can Swim


Scores rolled at MAX during character creation *can* be higher than the listed values. I have seen a MAXed stat (specifically luck) drop and still be MAX. LOW is also a range, being anywhere from BAVG-1 to, I would assume (but have not confirmed), 3.
It looks to me like the racial relationships have changed, in some cases fairly drastically (elves ranking 8th in LUC would MAX at 14, not 18, for example). According to the methods Corri used, the races I have looked at would have the following MAX stats (I assume human baseline is the same):

Hum: STR: 18 | INT: 18 | WIS: 18 | DEX: 18 | CON: 18 | CHA: 18 | LUC: 18 
Aar: STR: 16 | INT: 19 | WIS: 17 | DEX: 21 | CON: 16 | CHA: 18 | LUC: 14
Elf: STR: 17 | INT: 22 | WIS: 17 | DEX: 18 | CON: 17 | CHA: 19 | LUC: 14
Gia: STR: 21 | INT: 20 | WIS: 15 | DEX: 16 | CON: 18 | CHA: 17 | LUC: 17
Hel: STR: 17 | INT: 21 | WIS: 17 | DEX: 17 | CON: 17 | CHA: 16 | LUC: 21
Sah: STR: 17 | INT: 17 | WIS: 19 | DEX: 20 | CON: 17 | CHA: 16 | LUC: 16

I can also confirm that at least some of the stat descriptions (BAVG, AVG, etc) are no longer a single point. I have seen BAVG and AVG each remain unchained through 3 trains, and AAVG and HIGH both change to the next stat after only one train was used (the stat was AVG when 3 trains were used and ended up at MAX).

Training Your Stats

(From the TFC For Newbies website, by Nyx)

Trains are used to increase your stats. You will start with a few of them, 2 to 4 depending on your race, and with luck you will occasionally get one when you level. They are uncommon, though, so be careful not to waste them. Prior to level 12, your stats are still shifting of their own accord, so using a train merely effects the potential of that stat. Training after level 11 affects the stat itself, so most people wait until then. That way they don't end up wasting a train on a stat that was going to end up at its maximum anyway. The choice, however, is up to you. You can find out how many trains you have by checking your score and finding the line that looks like this:

You have 2 training sessions remaining.

To use a train you must first find a special mob that is a trainer. If you are under level 5 you can train with the individual who watches over your class’ section of Camp Tolanrael. If you are level 5 or bigger then your best bet is to find the trainer in your hometown. All hometowns have one. They are usually well-traveled and respected members of their society. You know you have found a trainer if you type TRAIN and see something like this:

You have 2 training sessions.
You can train: str int wis dex con chr.

If you type TRAIN and are told “You can’t do that here” then you’ll need to keep looking. If you are having trouble finding the trainer in your hometown, ask for help.

Once you have found a trainer and you are ready to train a stat, all you have to do is type TRAIN , where is the abbreviation for the stat you want to have increased. You cannot train luck or any stats that are already at their maximum.