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Charisma is the rating of how appealing your character is to look at, as well as how charming they are. This affects how the mobs on the MUD interact with a character, and theoretically, should affect how the players interact with a character.

Improved Identify String - chr

This is how the races rank in average charisma:
1- Elves
2- Half-elves Halflings
3- Humans Gnomes Aarakocra
4- Dwarves Giants Sahuagin
5- Minotaurs
6- Ogres

It is rumored that those with high charisma are much more difficult to hit in combat, perhaps a natural instinct not to damage a pretty face. It is also said that shop keepers are much kinder to the more attractive beings in the Realm. More attractive people are also less likely to be haunted by vengeful spirits.