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Led By Seraph
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Enemies Thor

Temple Key:
Temple Altar:

Following Description / FINFO:

The Vir is a mysterious and evil source of magical energy that little is known about. So far all that is known to the scholars of the realm is that this pool of evil power is accessible only through Seraph, chosen representative of the Vir within this realm, and that its power is replenished by the pain and suffering caused by its minions.
Those who give themselves over to the will of the Vir are said to be required to sacrifice much of their lives in its name, only the strongest seekers are made minions. If you have the power, and the desire to cause pain and suffering, seek the speaker of the Vir, and learn the ways of a new evil!
(seekers can place an indicator in their title)


Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes