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Toupta (I)
Created 1996-ish
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Half-Elf Camp
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 1998
Followed Molo

Mud Contributions:

Virulent newbie killer

At one point, Toupta started a "protest movement" against the Immortal staff. Tynian responded with the note below: [ 12] Tynian: Enough-Is-Enough
Sun Jun 21 10:46:43 1998
To: toupta immortal all
I'm starting a new organization. It's called "enough is enough." All Immortals are automatically a member of this organization. You are to notitle anyone with ARF in their title. Whether it be Dalaran's acid blast temper tantrums, or Toupta's little organization, I will not support the idea of trying to "force" us into any kind of implementation decisions. TFC is *not* design by committee. Madman and I adopt the ideas we feel best serve TFC, fix the problems that we feel most need to be fixed, and proceed in the directions we feel are best for the game. You might disagree with my decisions for the game, you can express to me that you disagree, many people of even successfully argued that things should be changed, for whatever reason, and that change has occurred. Sorry about that previous run-on sentence. Anyway, my patience for these kinds of "movements" is very low, and they often have the opposite effect. For instance, even if you have the most valid argument in the world, by approaching it in this way, you are *guaranteed* that it WILL NOT CHANGE. It wouldn't change even if I had been looking favorably upon changing it. After all, doing so would give the impression that if you throw a big enough fit, you will get your way... and that's certainly something I don't want to encourage. From this point forward, I will delete ideas posted about random item magical bonuses, and points of view on the current random item magical bonuses will simply be ignored. Maybe at some point, I will take another look at these, but not now.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hlf [ Cl:15 Wa:10       ] Toupta, Curess of the Black Conclave.

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      1. [Maldobar cants (in common), 'yeah heh that ranger guy also killed toupta']

Granger says (in common), 'i still have a just on toupta'.

Markoon says (in common), 'what newbie killers that reigned'.

Abe sits down and thinks deeply.
Abe says (in common), 'Well, zara for sure 2x. Early 3x, I say Titan, Pacho, Toupta'.

Date Unknown: You question, 'Question #14 - Sirak married Darkmoon twice... but name the two members of the Black Conclave he proposed to one night while drunk'.
Kerriariadne answers, 'Daelin & Toupta'.


  • a steak made from Toupta was in Foolkiller's collection.
  • Toupta was referenced in Poetry by Zarous.
  • Toupta was referenced in a "Password Advisory" note by Tynian on February 19, 1999 as being a character that had been "broken into." FYI 4

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