The Vortex

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The Vortex
Type Special (11-50)
Author Madman
Location Extradimensional

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

The Vortex provides a quick way to zip around to popular locales in the realm. However, the convenience that the Vortex provides comes at a cost. Players must be of sufficient level to enter the vortex. The Vortex is populated by Nightmares that are aggressive. Also, as one might imagine, the Vortex is a windy place and players may be tossed to and fro and end up places they did not intend.

Two Vortex drops are "safe rooms". Hovelton and Half-Elf Camp.

Player Provided Information


When navigating in the vortex, down and south are the safest directions. If you get blown around, exit down and south and start over. (If that doesn't work, try one west then down and south again.)

For these directions, the first up gets you into the vortex.

Directions Vortex Drop Remarks
u;s; Hovelton Took Hill
u;d;s Nydia
u;e;e The North Cobblestone Road, near to Jack and MoK
u;n;n Hall of Memory
u;d;e;n;n Aran Overlook
u;d;n;w Gla-Shorn's Realm the Guru, near to Jill
u;d;d;s Lineaoth Valley
u;d;d;e;e Kuroth
u;d;d;e;n;n The Village of Skull Top
u;d;d;n;w EmDeeVille
u;d;d;d;s The Isle
u;u;u;e;e; Thistlerock
u;d;d;d;e;e Cillidellia
u;u;u;e;n;n; The Demon Realm DANGER!
u;d;d;d;e;n;n River of Despair DANGER! Scairz
u;u;u;u;s Half-Elf Camp Jacek
u;u;u;u;e;n;n; Midgaard
u;d;d;d;d;n;w Malenest
u;u;u;u;u;e;e Dwarvenhold
u;u;u;u;u;e;n;n Mithas


The Vortex, Top Perspective View (looking Northeast) Starting Room is magenta. Red exits are Northern Continent. Green exits are Southern Continent. Blue exits are on the Seas.