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What kind of areas are allowed on TFC?

What is the "world view" of The Final Challenge? Basically, it is the world view of DnD - gnomes, giants, giant-kin, ogres, aarakocrans, and so on. Each race has racial "hometowns" and they are arrayed around the map. Each race further has its own "natural" enemies - gnomes hate goblins and kobolds, and so on. For more information on the races, visit the TFC web page.

Map by Gytar of Unity with 2011 updates by Soloban: CURRENT

On the northern continent using Midgaard as a reference, far to the north are the cold mountains, east and west (as well as immediately north and south) are forests, far to the south are the deserts and the seas. There is some variation here and there, but that is the general geography in the defined zones.

South of the northern continent are the vast waters of the Maelmordian Seas. This is a very dangerous area with several sea monsters roaming about that could easily take down even a level 50 player. Scattered around the seas are islands, amoung them Mithas, Molotov Island, The Isle, Cannibal Island, Tier Sh'Halen, Skelos Island, and the Pirate Island. Most of the known island spots are claimed by authors, but the seas will be expanding along the northern and southern continent coastlines from time to time, and when that happens, new spaces for islands do emerge. There is also the possibility of writing undersea areas like the Sahuagin City.

Map by Gytar of Unity with 2011 updates by Soloban: CURRENT

On the far side of the seas from the northern continent lies the dark unknown...the southern continent. Starting from a coastline and moving inward to the mostly uncharted interiors, the south is a much wilder and less civilized place than the northern continent. The western side of the southern continent is the high ranges of the Oort mountains, and on the east are the forests and plains. Several rivers and lakes are to be found, and a scattering of towns and villages exist. There is only one large city, that of Safehaven on the coast where The Upper Tiber River meets the Maelmordian Seas. The landmass of the southern continent as currently laid out with connect zones is roughly six times the size of the northern continent, but it has half the areas within it, and therefore is open to quite a bit of development. We will not pile areas on top of areas, though, on the south, and areas that are proposed are reviewed not only for theme, but for the impact on the areas that would be adjacent to them.

Areas should be designed to fit in this world - both geographically and with respect to theme/genre. If they do not fit they won't go in...and making a fit is an integral part of the proposal process. Currently, the central corridor from the Whitefrost forest south through Midgaard to the oceans is closed to area development. Any areas designed must be placed elsewhere. Exceptions will only be made in cases where the author can show extreme need or usefulness. There will be opportunity to write areas to replace existing non-TFC specific areas. Should you be interested in doing this contact the Area Coordinator for the specific conditions and requirements involved.

Things that don't fit: Futuristic Areas, Modern 20th Century Areas, Areas that are illogically laid out, Areas that unbalance the game or are mis-rated, Areas that duplicate to a large extent other areas, and by ALL means NO SMURFS! You get the idea. Again, these things are determined as an integral part of the proposal process.