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Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Followed Siren


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Pelias fun stats:
Full name: Pelias Darkheart.
Race: Human (well, almost).
Level: 27.
Place of origin: unknown.
Deity: Molo the Arch-Lich.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Glowing red embers.
Favorite food: A huge loaf of wheat bread (yummm).
Favorite spell: Vampiric Touch.
Favorite hangout: Recall (duh).
Least favorite mud area: Demon Realm (yikes).

I can remember little of how I came to wander the lands surrounding Midgaard. It's as though a haze covers most of my early memories. Still, I will share what I know. I have spent much time in Midgaard and the surrounding areas, but I would not consider myself well traveled. I prefer to keep close to Midgaard, which I now call home. The bread in the bakery is excellent, and there are many fine shops to patronize. Anyway, I spent most of my time in the Mage Guild, studying the black arts often well into the evening. To sharpen my battle skills I fought wild beasts in the surrounding countryside and, on occasion, surprised an unwary traveler or two (*evil grin*). While these things kept me busy, I still felt that there was something missing from my life.

And then I met Siren.

Siren first approached me when I was still quite young. One day, as I returned from a hunt, I was surprised to find myself consumed in some sort of mist from which I could not see the light of day. A voice - Siren's voice - spoke to me and bade me join what she called The Dark Mist. I was neutral at the time, having wafted between good and evil for what seemed like forever. However, I was immediately drawn to Siren, and listened intently as she explained the rules of her following. It was that day that I discovered the joys of evil. Under Siren's watchful eye I grew more powerful as each day passed. I have become adept at many spells, but my favorite is vampiric touch. As my skills increase, so does my proficiency in this devastating spell.

Alas, one day Siren broke the sad news to the members of The Dark Mist that she was retiring. This left her few remaining followers, myself included, shocked and wondering what the future would hold. Who ever thought I would become a Nashite?

It was only natural that I should choose to follow another evil god. More to come...


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