Kaleb - Bard

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Kaleb (XII)
The Ugliest Bard
Created 2005
Status Inactive
Race Ogre-Kin
Classes Bard
Followed Wylin

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WHO Lists:

Ogr [       Wa: 3       ] Kaleb the Ogre                               4-28-2005
Ogr [ Bard:   5   1   1 ] Kaleb, The Ugliest Bard of the Enforcers.	4-30-2005
Ogr [ Bard:   8   5   2 ] Kaleb, The Slickest Bard of the Enforcers	5-03-2005
Ogr [ Bard:  10  10   4 ] Kaleb, The Slickest Bard of the Enforcers	5-22-2005

Character History:


  • Kaleb was a bard class Playtester. There have been many characters (both before and after this one) named Kaleb - it's unknown if he was linked to any of them or not.

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