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Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Mage
Followed Syla

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WHO Lists:

09-12-2000  -  Hum [ Th:17 Ra:15 Ma:18 ] Ibuku.... My Karma Takes Care of Itself...
09-27-2000  -  Hum [ Th:18 Ra:15 Ma:18 ] Ibuku no more LIFE only BLOOD <<Nash>> [{Syla}]
09-08-2000  -  Hum [ Th:17 Ra:15 Ma:18 ] Ibuku be bringin da LIFE with sharp kitchen knife
10-16-2000  -  Hum [ Th:18 Ra:15 Ma:18 ] Ibuku tha silly girlie of Mischief <<SYLA>>
02-15-2001  -  Hum [ Th:19 Ra:15 Ma:18 ] Ibuku Tha Chocolate Covered Slave of Coven

Character History:

(Taken from Ibuku's website via Internet Wayback Machine, dated December 4, 2002)

Never have you seen drawings so strange before... The drops of blood placed under different angles reflect the light of your candle creating different shades of color.

You see the drawing of Guardian Spirit of Nashite himself in all his godfull light and glory.

As you stare at the picture you notice your consciousness fade away lightly to make place for that same cold voice that comes to replace it.

I shall tell you the story of Okk as it is for me. Hear me as of him I talk.... The voice fades into your surroundings as you start seeing images flashing in front of you.

You see a young mage in the beginning of her way sitting on the hill covered with snow, trying to turn water into wine... You see her kneeling before Tokugawa in her search for peace and tranquility... You see her kill to forget disappointment caused by her early dream fall apart, you see her sneaking through the forest as a Scout for Unity...

Many Gods have I met and few have worshipped before the light of Life's Blood shined upon me. A traveler on the road to nowhere I had no rest for could not believe truly in Gods of the time that I've been growing up in. The violence they desired to see as a part of my devotion to them, the blood of many innocent disbelievers I had to spill... Horror and moral terror... I thought there's no God out there for me to worship...

You see, no you can feel the pain of Roberts rift hitting Ibuku as she leaves Unity... You see a group of young people who want to destroy the borders of hate between red and blue, they all wear a sign of burning bird..

Until one day I have met HIM of WHO I speak now. Okk is his name may it be blessed every time I think of HIM.
The voice stops for a second, then continues:

I remember as if it was now, I have asked HIM what is it that I have to be to be worthy of worshipping you...
Preserve Life was the answer and that was all I needed to hear to fill my soul with a new hope for peace and joy

And so I praise HIM now, Okk - my Lord and Master.

Your vision dims to black. As it returns you see the mischievously twisted runes written with blood in front of you again

My Brothers & Sisters:

Jubei : You see a young still warrior practicing his skills on a top of a high mountain... Jubei is a very intelligent and calculating person. He has very sharp wits and is a master of his sword technique. He's basically a perfectly well rounded warrior. No matter what the odds, Jubei will always fight with all of his heart if it's something he believes in.

Kilrath : A young shaman weaving a basket on a river bank looks like alive on a page. For a second you wish he WAS alive noticing upon his great looks but then calm your wild fantasy and keep on reading Kilrath, Shamanic Shadow Knight I have met right before joining Okks cause. Not once, not even twice has he gotten into a trouble with warlords of the land over their wives falling for his looks but many times. Yet he doesnt give up searching for his right one, weaving baskets and communicating with a nature in the meantime.

Sune: Your heart starts beating faster as you look at a breathtaking picture of a young elven woman, silently walking through the forest. Sweet and beautiful, she seems, doesn't she... So is she, Sune, but dont ever have her your foe... Pretty eyes kill, you know

Thalantyr: An elderly mage glares at you from a picture, givin you chills as you notice graphite glow with little flicks of fire, reflecting in mage's eyes with a crazy twinkle. Once an adventurer, an archmage who spent most of his life searching for lost artefacts of Netheril magic, Thalantyr is now pursuing the quest of Life Preserving, warning the young hot-heads of the things they MAY find while not searching for them.

Whitehawk: Next to a drawing of a young handsome warrior wielding a two-handed sword with a spellbook and a wand hanging off his belt there are runes outlined with Ibuku's own blood ... Here you see one of my best friends and brother by following, Whitehawk, I've known for a very long time. First I met him he was just being touched by first flames of Pyros that were licking his young skin and pretty face. Two people on two sides of neutrality we both had a dream about righteous judging of people by their deeds, not the color of their auras. Both have we worn the sign of Firehawk and both have joined Okk's following in it's quest of preserving Life. Joy and sadness we have shared, food and pretty stones and so it will be for long time to come


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Player Information:

09/08/2000: Ibuku is PK'd by Tyr. Later that day she talks to Cordir about joining the Chosen of Fate. (She does not wind up joining)